2019 Elections


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Races on CoastLine:

Wednesday, October 23rd, City of Wilmington - Mayor 

  • Bill Saffo
  • Devon Scott

Town of Carolina Beach - Mayor

Thursday, September 19th, Town of Leland - Mayor

  • Brenda Bozeman
  • Shirley A. Lawler

Thursday, October 3rd, Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO Commissioner (2 open seats)

  • John Bradley
  • Jeff Gerken
  • Steve Hosmer
  • Barry Laub 

Thursday, October 17th, Town of Oak Island - Mayor

  • Cin Brochure
  • Ken Thomas

Thursday, October 24th, Town of Southport - Mayor

  • Jerry Dove
  • Joe Pat Hatem

Thursday, October 31st, Town of Wrightsville Beach - Mayor

  • Greg Buscemi
  • Darryl Mills

Reporter Coverage:

Wilmington City Council (3 open seats)

Town of Carolina Beach Council (2 open seats)

  • Lynn Barbee
  • Debi DiNatale
  • Jay Healy
  • Shell Serracin-Macon, not actively pursuing candidacy
  • Steve Shuttleworth

Town of Leland Council (2 open seats)

  • Bob Campbell
  • Veronica A. Carter
  • Louis Harmati
  • Rick Paxton

Town of Surf City Mayor

  • Doug Medlin
  • Jeremy Shugarts

Town of Surf City Council (4 open seats)

  • William J. (Buddy) Fowler
  • David Gilbride
  • Donald Helms
  • Kathleen G. Sumner
  • Dwight Torres
  • Richard B. Vessov

Town of Oak Island Council (3 open seats)

  • Sheila Mansfield Bell
  • Charlie Blalock
  • Niki Cutler
  • Michael (Mike) Defeo
  • Dara Royal
  • Jeff Winecoff

Town of Southport Board of Alderman Ward 1 (1 open seat)

  • Tom Lombardi
  • David Miller
  • Robert Tucker

Town of Southport Board of Alderman Ward 2 (2 open seats)

  • Nelson E. Adams
  • John Allen
  • Lowe Davis
  • Eric King
  • Jim Powell
  • Rick Pukenas

Other Election Coverage:

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*Editor's Note: We have invited all candidates to attend the CoastLine Candidate and reporter interviews. Any additional inquiries of Election 2019 can be sent to rkeith@whqr.org.

Kimberly Spader is running for Wilmington City Council. She works as a licensed clinical social worker, and wants to use her listening skills to create open dialogue between city council and residents.

Harry Smith Jr. is running for the first time for Wilmington City Council. After watching this year’s short-term rental housing debate, he decided to get involved.  He’s not a fan of how the city gets things done.

On Thursday’s CoastLine, we’ll hear from Mayor Brenda Bozeman, who is running for her fifth term as Mayor of the Town of Leland.

Wilmington City Council Candidate Mack Coyle is a newcomer to the race. Also new? His ideas. The small business owner installs mobile solar generators, and wants to convert all electricity in city buildings to solar and wind power, and all municipal vehicles to electric. But he has other priorities, too.

Wilmington sales executive Neil Anderson is hoping to win his third term on City Council. He serves on the Transportation Committee and says a key to the continued development of the region will depend on rail and port improvements, and work along the Route 421 Corridor. 

Wilmington City Council Member Paul Lawler is running to win a second term. One of his priorities:  how the City can recruit more high-paying jobs to the area. And he’d like to see public transportation in the region improve and grow. 

Wilmington Mayor Pro Tem Margaret Haynes hopes to win a third term on City Council.  While she admits a love-hate affair with public service, overall, she is proud of her contributions.