Alderman Ward 2 Candidate Lowe Davis: "Southport Has Gone in the Wrong Direction"

Oct 16, 2019

Lowe Davis is one of six candidates running for Southport Board of Alderman Ward 2. She has experience as a journalist, a business executive, and as an Episcopal priest -- but she never pictured herself becoming involved in politics. Now, she’s changed her mind. 

Davis isn’t happy about Southport’s current leadership.

“Southport has gone in the wrong direction, particularly in the last four years. Some very bad decisions fiscally, in the lack of public interest, lack of transparency…”

An example of this, she says, is the city’s decision to build a new sewage plant. She opposed the measure, and feels plans were made without much public input.

“Somebody needed to step up and... start representing the interests of the people in a better way. And so I'm willing to do it.”

Also on her agenda is planning for increased tourism. She wants to implement paid public parking, along with stickers for residents -- so only tourists have to pay meters. She also likes the idea of a one percent sales tax for restaurants.