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Day Sponsors

Becoming a Day Sponsor is a great way to provide vital support to WHQR and to send a personal message over the airwaves! Here's how it works:

Become a Sustaining Member at $15 or more per month or make a one-time pledge of $180 or more, No need to wait for a Pledge Drive! If you prefer not to pledge online, you can call 910-343-1640 to pledge by phone, or mail a contribution to 254 N. Front St., Suite 300, Wilmington, NC 28401.

***Day Sponsor messages are personal messages ONLY. Please note the Day Sponsorship Policy as of October 1, 2017 - See Below***

- You can reserve a date at the time of your pledge, or wait until later. Please note, due to time constraints we can air only two Day Sponsor messages per day and the calendar tends to fill up fast. We encourage you to reserve your date as far in advance as possible.

- After your pledge is paid in full (for one-time payments) or after your first installment is paid (for Sustaining Members), we will mail you a paper Day Sponsorship form along with your tax receipt. You then mail it back to us with the wording for your message. You can also submit your message by e-mailing memberservices@whqr.org. We do require your message information be submitted at least four business days before your Day Sponsor date or we will be unable to run it.

- Your message will be read on the air six times on each station (91.3 and 92.7) for a total of twelve times on the day you've sponsored. Here are our estimated air times (subject to change if there is special programming or a breaking news broadcast):


91.3fm (News)

7:33am, 8:33am, 10:59am, 1:59pm, 4:59pm, 7:59pm

92.7fm (Classical)

6:59am, 7:59am, 10:59am, 1:59pm, 4:59pm, 7:59pm


91.3fm (News)

8:18am, 9:18am, 10:59am, 12:59pm, 4:59pm, 7:59pm

92.7fm (Classical)

6:59am, 7:59am, 10:59am, 12:59pm, 4:59pm, 7:59pm

Wording Requirements:

- All messages start with "Thanks to our Day Sponsor (s)" followed by your name. Due to FCC regulations we must include the full name of the individual who made the donation.  We cannot air anonymous Day Sponsor messages.  

- 20 word limit after the required introduction - these 20 words include your name. 

Example of Day Sponsor Message:

Thanks to our Day Sponsor, Jane Doe, thanking John Doe for 55 years of happy marriage.

Day Sponsorship Policies as of October 1, 2017*

Day Sponsorships must maintain the spirit of the non-commercial nature of public radio. 

Day-Sponsorship messages must be personal and non-promotional in nature. For example, they might honor birthdays, anniversaries, etc. - for example “thanks to Today’s Day Sponsors Jill and Bob Smith wishing their granddaughter Mary a happy 5th birthday."

Day Sponsorships cannot be used as a means to further a political or social cause, nor can they be used to endorse a candidate for public office. They may not be used as a platform for a dialog with other groups, individuals, or organizations. Day Sponsorships are not designed to be forums, advocacy platforms, or statements of beliefs for issues, concerns, lifestyles, political positions, religions, etc.   

Day Sponsorships may not be used to promote events or organizations. Therefore, businesses and corporations are not eligible for Day Sponsorship recognition.  If you would like to announce specific information about a business please contact our underwriting representative, Jeff Hunter (jhunter@whqr.org).  You might consider listing your event on our online calendar here

WHQR reserves the right, on a case-by-case basis, to refuse any announcements determined to have an adverse or deleterious effect on WHQR, our listeners, or financial support. 

Questions? Contact memberservices@whqr.org or call 910-343-1640 and ask for the Membership Department.