Newcomer Kevin Spears Wins Wilmington City Council Seat

Nov 6, 2019

Wilmington City Council has a new member. And the vote difference between staying on the Council or being voted off – was just six.

It was a very close race for the three City Council seats up for grabs.

The unofficial results from the state’s Board of Elections has Mayor Pro Tem Margaret Haynes the top vote-getter, followed by newcomer Kevin Spears. Neil Anderson retained his seat, by six votes over incumbent Paul Lawler. Six votes out of more than 18,000 cast.

Margaret Haynes is looking forward to the challenges ahead.

“Of course public transportation going to be huge, especially if the County pulls out of WAVE, it will become a city bus system, which will leave a lot of people out. So there, there are a lot of burning issues and if anybody's new, it's, it's going be a real learning curve to get, get up to speed.” 

And that’s what Kevin Spears, as the new City Council member, has to look forward to.

Vince Winkel, WHQR News