Surf City Town Council Candidate David Gilbride Wants More Transparency

Oct 2, 2019

David Gilbride is running for Surf City Town Council. It’s his first run for public office.  Gilbride thinks the council is too secretive and needs more transparency. 

The retired oil industry executive and one-time Town Manager from New Jersey says the current Town Council doesn’t encourage public discussion or involvement in its decision making. He says that’s wrong.

“I was surprised when I moved to Surf City to find that the Council seemed to discourage people from participating, whether that was on advisory groups or at the meetings themselves. They also didn't spend a lot of time at Council meetings discussing issues among themselves. It all seemed to be predecided and preordained when they came in.”

Gilbride says he would change the meeting times to evenings, and insist on more public hearings on issues facing the community. Protecting the beach and expanding recycling are also high on his agenda. Vince Winkel, WHQR News.