Harry Smith Jr. Wants To Bring Accountability To Wilmington City Council

Sep 16, 2019

Harry Smith Jr. is running for the first time for Wilmington City Council. After watching this year’s short-term rental housing debate, he decided to get involved.  He’s not a fan of how the city gets things done.

Military veteran Harry Smith Jr. builds TV and movie sets for Filmwerks – a production company - in Rocky Point.

He has quite a few questions when it comes to local government. What does Wilmington want to be? He asks, should it be a retirement community or a medical hub? And when it comes to spending, he wants more accountability.

“River Place, I don't understand why we're so far over budget. Northside Park, how are we $2 million over budget before we come out of the ground? Galleria, how are we $3.8 million in and the developers start to think about backing out unless we give him more. We always say it's costing the city. It's not costing the city. It's costing the taxpayers of the city because the city has no money till we give them the money. So that's my concern.”

Smith is also pushing for more parks and green space to match demand as the population continues to grow. Vince Winkel, WHQR News.