Scott Monroe, Wilmington City Council Candidate, Wants Smart Development

Sep 20, 2019

Scott Monroe’s campaign for a seat on Wilmington City Council marks his first attempt at elected office.  This former firefighter and Marine says his highest priority is smart development and improved public safety.

Scott Monroe is Senior Vice President for ITSA Solutions, a parking enforcement company.  He works in the Cargo District in Wilmington, and he says that neighborhood is a very good model for higher-density communities where people can work and live with affordable rents.  Other elements that contribute to quality of life, says Monroe, include more intentional street design.  

"I want setbacks on our streetscapes.  I want green spaces.  I want trees.  I want commercial sign restrictions.  I get to drive down Independence Boulevard every day.  They’ve done a really great job.  There’s setbacks.  There’s trees.  The power lines are buried.  It’s a great stretch of road.  I think most people that are probably listening to this would agree that probably Market Street does not look that way." 

Monroe has an in-house reverse osmosis water treatment system but knows not everyone can afford one. He’d love to be the guy on the steps of the State House in Raleigh reminding policymakers of the importance of clean drinking water and rallying stakeholders up and down the Cape Fear River. 

And those Confederate monuments in downtown Wilmington might belong in a museum, he says, but certainly not on City streets.