Kathleen Sumner Wants Safer Beaches, and a Seat on Surf City Town Council

Oct 2, 2019

Kathleen Sumner is running for Surf City Town Council. Aside from a career in law, she’s a former surfer and lifeguard, and spends her free time scuba diving and cleaning up the beaches. This experience motivates her to not only make sure local beaches are safe for swimmers, but also safe from future storms.

With multiple drownings and near-drownings in the Cape Fear region in recent months, Sumner says the issue is a concern for her.


“We have to number one, start with putting hazard flags out. Number two, we're going to need to have a lifeguard system. I think that we have a responsibility as a town to make our guests safe and they're not…. We're having more hurricanes…. so we need to be aware of our changing climate and we need to adapt to that.”


In terms of preparing the coast for rising sea levels and future storms?


“We need to consider in conjunction with the Army Corps of Engineers and CAMA what we can do to help preserve our island.”


Sumner also wants to continue a beach cleanup program that’s in its early stages. And as for funding, she would like to work with the state legislature to create a one percent tax on rental properties.