Reverse Osmosis Plant Supporters Win Majority On H2G0 Board

Nov 6, 2019

H2G0 could be back on track for its own reverse osmosis water treatment plant.  Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2G0, the utility that serves just over eleven-thousand people in Brunswick County, is embroiled in a legal battle over its assets and direction.  

This election is another twist in the multi-year battle over reverse osmosis. 

Also known as RO, it’s the most effective process, say scientists, to remove a range of potentially toxic chemical compounds from the drinking water supply.  And the three entities battling for control of H2G0 – Leland, Belville, and H2G0 itself -- have yet to reach an agreement. 

But Steve Hosmer and Barry Laub, who campaigned on a promise to complete the RO plant, both won seats on the Board.  This means the H2G0 Board now holds a majority of plant supporters.

Steve Hosmer:

"We felt that the best interests of the customers were served by having the cheapest water possible, and the healthiest and the cleanest water possible, and the only way to do that is with an aquifer-sourced reverse osmosis system."

Jeff Gerken, the incumbent who prefers to let Brunswick County build an RO plant for a larger pool of customers, lost his bid for re-election – as did his running mate John Bradley.  When the new board is seated, there will only be one member, Bill Beer, who opposes building the plant.


This story has been corrected to reflect the fact reverse osmosis is not the only way to remove potentially toxic chemical compounds from water.  The original version of this incorrectly referred to RO as the "only" method.