Kevin Spears Hopes To Support Wilmington's Underserved With Seat On City Council

Sep 18, 2019

Kevin Spears was born and raised in Wilmington and is on the ballot for Wilmington City Council. As a community activist, he works to combat youth gang violence. He's concerned about Council’s priorities.

Kevin Spears says he’s been to a lot of City Council meetings. Now he’s hoping to attend those meetings from the other side of the desk. He says Wilmington politicians favor the wealthy.

“I want to say that I represent the everyday working people, but more so the underdogs, the people who don't feel like they have a voice. And that's always been my drive. Just speaking up for the people who don’t, who don't feel that they have a voice. So I've been like a conduit for those people.”

Big on his agenda is neighborhood safety, and a more even distribution of wealth in the community – although he is unsure how that would be paid for. He wants more investment in what he calls “the lower half” by providing higher wages. Vince Winkel, WHQR News.