Leland Councilman Bob Campbell Wants 2nd Term To Finish Infrastructure Plan

Oct 1, 2019

Leland is the most populated municipality in Brunswick County.  If Bob Campbell wins a second term on its Town Council, he says he’ll work to create more affordable housing.  

It’s affluent retirees from other states who have ignited Leland’s explosive growth, says Campbell.  But if the town wants more jobs, they’ll need housing that police officers, fire fighters, and restaurant workers can afford.  The one thing he says he really wants to finish, though, is a good plan for transportation and infrastructure.

"We are looking at roads in particular.  With all the new development, it’s not just the main highways you’re looking at.  You’re looking at roads in the planned unit developments and so on.  You’re looking at that.  We’re looking at the accessibility – sidewalks, bike paths, trails, those kind of things to make sure that people are able to get around without adding a lot of traffic to the existing highways."

Despite the fact that H2G0’s reverse osmosis plant will come on line before Brunswick County’s does, Campbell says it’s still a duplication of the county expense.  But he’ll support any interlocal agreement. 

With regard to Leland’s three unfinished parks, he says there’s no plan to prioritize their completion.