Southport Alderman Candidate Tom Lombardi Wants Improved UDO, Communications

Oct 14, 2019

Tom Lombardi is one of three candidates running for the Board of Alderman in Southport’s Ward 1. Currently on the Board of Adjustment, he has served on various city committees since moving here in 2012.

Tom Lombardi wants to keep Southport quaint – the way he says it is now – while growing and developing in a responsible way. He says improved communications is at the top of his agenda.

“I think number one is transparency. Recently we had a problem in Southport where things are done without people being informed. And I think that's my top reason. It's not only talking to citizens and hearing their opinions, but I think part of the transparency is being able to go back to the Board and correspond with them. To get opinions across and respect their opinions, and make a final decision that's good for everybody.”

He says the UDO – Unified Development Ordinance – needs to also be carefully updated. A UDO is a municipality’s comprehensive listing of development regulations. Vince Winkel, WHQR News.