Surf City Needs More Transparency, Says Council Candidate Dwight Torres

Oct 4, 2019

As part of our 2019 Election Coverage, we’re bringing you profiles of candidates seeking to represent you in local towns and cities. Military veteran Dwight Torres is running for a seat on the Surf City Town Council. More communication is high on his agenda. 

The former Drill Instructor in the Marines and veteran of the Persian Gulf War has lived in Surf City since 2004. He says Hurricane Florence and its aftermath motivated him to run for public office. And he wants more proactive public involvement from Town Council.

“I wouldn't say we're voiceless but by the time they make the decisions, what can we do at that point? So I would be moving towards, you know, a more open forum where the discussions can be had before the decisions are made. That way, it feels like the residents in a constituency have more of an input and influence over the decisions that are impacting our town.”

His priorities, if elected, are beach renourishment, town infrastructure improvements, and emergency preparedness. Vince Winkel, WHQR News.