Neil Anderson Seeks Wilmington City Council Third Term

Sep 11, 2019

Wilmington sales executive Neil Anderson is hoping to win his third term on City Council. He serves on the Transportation Committee and says a key to the continued development of the region will depend on rail and port improvements, and work along the Route 421 Corridor. 

The youngest member of the current City Council is busy with three children and his own business, so he says he’s not as visible at events as his colleagues. However he says that doesn’t mean he’s not working just as hard.

Transportation is high on his agenda. He’s keen on the Rail Realignment Project, a billion-dollar development that would eliminate downtown rail crossings, and improve transit to the port. He says the city could use more manufacturing.

“I'm not looking for terribly dirty industries, if you will, but we need some manufacturing and hopefully in the 421 Corridor with us finally getting natural gas over there, water and sewer over there, and hopefully eventually - it's way out - the railroad running out of town right up 421 bodes well for that corridor.”

Those rail projects, Anderson says, remain years down the road.