2020 Elections

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WHQR's Rachel Lewis Hilburn Discusses the Upcoming Primary with Port City Daily's Ben Schachtman

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US House District 7 - D

NC House District 19 - R 

NC House District 19 - D 

NC House District 20 - R 

NHC Commissioner - D 

  • Jonathan Barfield, Jr. 
  • Don Betz 
  • Leslie Cohen
  • Kyle Horton
  • Steve Miller 
  • Travis Robinson 

NHC Commissioner - R 

  • Deb Hays 
  • John Lyon 
  • Frank Christopher Meares
  • Ricky Meeks 
  • Matt Rhodes 
  • Bill Rivenbark 
  • Skip Watkins 

NHC Board of Education - R

BC Commissioner District 3 -R 

BC Board of Education District 2 - R 

BC Board of Education District 4 - R

North Carolina’s primary election is underway.  This is the chance for voters to decide which party nominees compete in the November election.  Early Voting runs through February 29th and Election Day is March 3rd.  

Katelyn Freund

Three Republicans are competing for one open spot in the Brunswick County District 4 Board of Education Primary. The candidates vary -- in their experience and their top priorities. But they all have two concerns in common: overcrowded schools and teacher pay.

Early voting in the North Carolina primary is underway.  Brunswick County residents who vote in the Republican primary will decide on their presidential candidate, U.S. Senate nominee, and a host of state races.  

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Early voting is underway for primary elections in the Cape Fear Region – and finishes on Feb. 29th. Voting day is March 3rd. So what are this year's major contested races? WHQR’s Rachel Lewis Hilburn talks with Port City Daily’s Ben Schachtman.

David Robinson and Catherine Cooke are facing off in the Republican primary for the District Two seat on the Brunswick County Board of Education. Cooke is an incumbent, while Robinson is a veteran of the Holden Beach Fire Department and rescue squad. 

Katelyn Freund

With New Hanover County Schools embroiled in controversy, four Republicans are seeking seats on the county’s Board of Education. None are currently serving on the board. WHQR spoke with two of them about how they think they can move the school system in the right direction.

The map for North Carolina House District 19 has been redrawn for this year.  Since 2012, Representative Ted Davis, Jr., a Republican from New Hanover County, has held the seat.  But with this year’s new maps, he moves to District 20.   

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Early voting for the 2020 Primary Elections in North Carolina begins Thursday, February 13. So what do voters need to know before heading to the polls?

WHQR / Katelyn Freund

North Carolina House Districts have new maps this year.  That means Representative Ted Davis, Jr., a Republican from New Hanover County who has represented House District 19 since 2012, is competing now in House District 20.  

For the newly re-drawn 19th District seat in North Carolina’s House of Representatives, David Perry and Charlie Miller are running in the Republican primary. WHQR has this preview of the race.

There are three Democrats trying to secure the nomination to challenge incumbent David Rouzer for North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District.  WHQR looks at what these three candidates are hoping to accomplish.