Primary 2020 Results: The Race For NC House District 19

Mar 4, 2020

The map for North Carolina House District 19 was redrawn for this year. District 19 moves from northern New Hanover County to southern New Hanover County and gains most of southeastern Brunswick County. Two Republicans and two Democrats faced off, to see who will be in the November race.

In the November General Election for District 19, Democrat Marcia Morgan will go against Republican Charlie Miller.

Morgan won her race over James Dawkins, Jr. by a large margin, as she took almost 84 percent of the vote.

“Everything for me kind of revolved around two things. I believe that the state has two resources that are invaluable. That's our children and our environment. And I will say over and over again, if you destroy or mess up either of those two resources, you can't fix it overnight. It's just broken for a long period of time.”

On the Republican side, Charlie Miller beat David Perry. Miller wants to keep good teachers in the Cape Fear region.

“Well, I mean, just the retention alone is critical. You know, when you invest in a first year teacher, and get them settled in, in the classroom you want to retain them and you want them, you know, I want everybody to retire from here. And, we've got to give some incentives to keep those teachers in place.”

Miller currently serves on the Brunswick County Board of Education.

Vince Winkel, WHQR News.