Primary 2020: Three Democrats Seek Nomination To Challenge David Rouzer In Congress

Feb 9, 2020

There are three Democrats trying to secure the nomination to challenge incumbent David Rouzer for North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District.  WHQR looks at what these three candidates are hoping to accomplish.

Mark Judson is a retired Army Officer and a Combat Veteran. He is clear on his vision for the future.

“My top priority in the district is healthcare, and I think that's the biggest issue for Americans overall. And my belief is that if you're an American and you're sick or hurt, you should be able to go into a hospital and get treated without having a fear of going bankrupt. And I don't believe that pharmaceutical companies should be able to sit back and watch the Americans die for increased corporate profits. I think it's one of the biggest problems facing both the district and the nation.”

Judson says the problem is the system now favors profits over patients.

“You see, our healthcare system right now is designed to pay shareholders. It's not designed to heal sick people. And the ultimate problem is Obamacare is good and solves part of the problem, Medicare for all is good. And that solves part of the problem. But what the problem is, is the hundred dollar aspirin.”

Candidate Robert Colon of Wilmington wants to focus on equal representation.

“If I go to Congress, my top priority will be socio-economic well-being to ensure that all our communities and all our country really is sought after and given the attention needed for a vibrant future for everybody everywhere. I think we need to look at the issues and not just talk about them. We need to have, hearings or other things to focus on what the communities actually need and build upon that.”

He says today’s government is out of control with partisan bickering and is not able to find common ground.

For Christopher Ward, it’s wages and jobs that have his attention.

“If I'm elected to the North Carolina Seventh Congressional district, I think my top priority would be to increase wages and to grow jobs in the area. I mean so both of those are definitely needs of Southeastern North Carolina, so grow jobs and increase wages. I'd also like to bring the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk home to berth, right beside the USS North Carolina and make it a war memorial. So those are the two top things that I'd like to do that I'd like to start off with as a Congressman.”

Election day is March 3rd …early voting starts Feb. 13.  Vince Winkel, WHQR News.