2020 Elections


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Reporter Coverage:  

New Hanover County Board of Education

  • Stephanie Kraybill - R  
  • Tony McGhee - R
  • Hugh McManus - D  
  • Chris Meek - D  
  • Stephanie Walker - D
  • Pete Wildeboer - R

Brunswick County Board of Education

  • Sherrill Jolly - D  
  • David Robinson - R  

Brunswick County Board of Commisioner 

  • Bill Flythe - D  
  • Pat Sykes - R  

North Carolina House District 16

  • Debbi Fintak - D
  • Carson Smith - R  


North Carolina House District 17

  • Frank Iler - R
  • Tom Simmons - D  


CoastLine Coverage:  


North Carolina Senate District 9


New Hanover County Commissioners


North Carolina House District 19

  • Charlie Miller - R  
  • Marcia Morgan - D  


North Carolina House District 18

  • Deb Butler - D  
  • Warren Kennedy - R  


North Carolina Senate District 8

  • Anthony Mascolo - L  
  • Bill Rabon - R  
  • David Sink, Jr. - D  

North Carolina House District 20

  • Ted Davis, Jr. - R  
  • Adam Ericson - D  


US House of Representatives District 7 

  • David Rouzer - R  
  • Christopher M. Ward - D  


*Editor's Note: We have invited all candidates to attend either CoastLine or reporter interviews. Any additional inquiries can be sent to rkeith@whqr.org.


Voter Information Coverage


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New Hanover County’s Board of Commissioners has five seats.  Each member is elected to a staggered, four-year term.  In 2020, there are three open seats.


North Carolina Senate District 9 covers the majority of New Hanover County – with the exception of small northern slice that is part of District 8. 

State Board of Elections

  North Carolina is the first state in the country to mail out absentee ballots to those who have requested them. And they are going out starting Friday, September 4th. WHQR reports on how mail-in votes in New Hanover County will be processed and counted.   


President Donald Trump paid his first visit to the Cape Fear region Wednesday during the 2020 election season.  His agenda:  to declare Wilmington the first official World War Two Heritage City.   But it’s an opportune time and place for the Republican incumbent; since North Carolina is a battleground state with a slight Republican lean, it’s likely this is only the first of a series of visits from the candidates. 

File Photo

 As the 2020 presidential election looms, North Carolina has received a grade of “D” in women’s political participation.

New Hanover County Board of Elections

  With the effects of the pandemic on November’s elections still uncertain, the North Carolina legislature recently passed a bill making it easier to vote by absentee ballot. New Hanover County residents can request their ballots now -- and they’ll be ready to mail out in early September.