New Hanover County Board of Elections

New Hanover County Board of Elections

  With the effects of the pandemic on November’s elections still uncertain, the North Carolina legislature recently passed a bill making it easier to vote by absentee ballot. New Hanover County residents can request their ballots now -- and they’ll be ready to mail out in early September.


Primary election day is Tuesday, March 3rd with candidates on the ballot for federal, state, district, and county offices. With one-stop voting now complete, WHQR reports this year the number of early voters in New Hanover County was up twenty four percent from 2016—the most recent presidential primary election year.

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  Starting in 2020, a new law will require North Carolina voters to present photo identification before casting a ballot. But what about voters who don’t have access to acceptable IDs? The New Hanover County Board of Elections held two seminars this week to answer questions about the law.

On this edition of CoastLine, we meet two of three candidates seeking one of two open seats on Southport’s Board of Aldermen in Ward 1.  This small seaside city in Brunswick County is divided into two wards – each represented by three people to make up a six-member board.  The Mayor of the City of Southport serves a two-year term.  Aldermen serve four-year terms which are staggered.

Judicial Primary Election To Be Held This Tuesday

Jun 3, 2016
New Hanover County Board of Elections

North Carolina’s judicial primaries will be held on Tuesday, June 7th.  All of New Hanover County’s 43 polling places will be open to voters from 6:30AM to 7:30PM. 

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Voting Precinct Officials Needed in New Hanover County

Jan 14, 2016
New Hanover County Board of Elections

North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE)

Today, December 1st, was the opening day of the candidate filing period for North Carolina’s 2016 elections.  Candidates have three weeks to register, with filing closing on December 21st. 

In order to make the most of the presidential primary, which is expected to draw out voters, lawmakers moved the primaries for federal, state, and local elections in North Carolina from May to March 15th.  And that means filing has been moved forward too.  Here’s New Hanover County Board of Elections Director Derek Bowens:

NC Constitutional Amendment on Ballot This November

Nov 3, 2014

This Election Day, North Carolina voters will decide upon a constitutional amendment.  If it is passed, North Carolina would be the last state in the country to allow defendants facing felony charges to opt out of a trial by jury. 

New Hanover County Board of Elections (

In 2013, North Carolina shortened the early voting period to ten days.  But New Hanover County has extended the evening hours for early voting to make it more accessible to the working voter.

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Responding to complaints made by the New Hanover County Democratic Party, the New Hanover County Board of Elections denies any alleged disenfranchisement of student voters.  There have been no reports of voters being turned away for any reason, including inability to state their street addresses. 

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In New Hanover County, dormitory students who cannot state their street address will not be allowed to cast a regular ballot in the coming election.  The New Hanover County Democratic Party is challenging this procedure, saying it disenfranchises student voters.

The 2014 state legislative elections could be the last in which voters don’t have to comply with the Voter Information Verification Act of 2013—also known as VIVA. This controversial law, which requires ballot-casting North Carolinians to present photo ID, goes into effect just in time for the federal elections of 2016, and could render 200,000 citizens ineligible to vote. In order to identify at-risk voters in New Hanover County, the Board of Elections will be screening for IDs throughout this year.

Carolina Beach’s new mayor is confirmed. WHQR’s Katie O’Reilly witnessed this morning’s Board of Elections recount, which solidified the victory of Dan Wilcox over incumbent Bob Lewis.

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The New Hanover County Board of Elections convened Thursday to plan for the 2013 Municipal Elections. While the board voted unanimously in favor of one-stop voting this November, the types of polling places to be used presented a more complex issue to navigate.

The ins and outs of voting in New Hanover County

Oct 12, 2012

Today is the last day for New Hanover County residents to register to vote for the November 6 election. But if you haven’t made this happen yet, don’t fear. WHQR’s Sara Wood found some good advice for weathering voting season.

With less than a week before One Stop Voting, or early voting, begins, Elections Director Marvin McFadyen says the most important thing for voters to do is make sure registration is up to date and accurate.

An email making the rounds is urging voters to call the New Hanover County Board of Elections and ask for an Early Voting Site on the UNCW campus.