With Only One COVID-19 Case in Brunswick County, 69 Other Tests Are Pending

Mar 17, 2020

As of Tuesday, Mar. 17, there is still only one presumptive coronavirus case in Brunswick County -- the first case in the Cape Fear region. But health officials report dozens of people in the county have been tested for the virus -- and the vast majority of those results have yet to be determined.

According to county health officials, the person that tested “presumptive positive” for the coronavirus remains in isolation. “Presumptive positive” means the test was conducted at the state or local level. Further testing from the CDC will determine whether that case is a confirmed positive. Until then, county officials say it will be treated as one. 


“...it allows us to move a lot quicker to try to limit the exposure of that person that's tested positive to other people. It gives us the ability to go ahead and take action and implement public health measures to protect the community as a whole.”

That’s Health and Human Services Director David Stanley. He says while there’s only one presumptive case currently, 76 people have received tests in the county as of Tuesday evening, thanks to numerous healthcare providers. 69 of those tests are pending results -- six have been confirmed negative.

Testing is important, Stanley says, because that means when a new positive case emerges, his department can implement the necessary isolation measures as soon as possible and help prevent further spread.

As for when the next case emerges? No one knows for sure -- but Stanley says the public will be notified as soon as it does.

Information on the coronavirus from Brunswick County can be found here