NC Schools Will Open For In-Person Learning; Gov Continues Phase 2 For 3 More Weeks

Jul 14, 2020

School will open for at least part-time in-person learning this year.  That’s the message from North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper.  Despite the continued spread of Covid-19, state officials say the science shows keeping kids completely out of school is more dangerous than risks from the virus.  

Schools will re-open on schedule under what Governor Cooper is calling Plan B, which involves a combination of remote and in-person learning.   It means that every student, teacher, and staffer will be required to wear a mask.  It will also allow fewer people in school at the same time so that social distancing is possible. Kids will submit to a temperature check before they enter the building, and the school schedule will allow for frequent hand-washing and cleaning. 

Plan B is the baseline for the state, says Cooper.  

"However, districts can choose Plan C which requires all remote learning, if they determine that’s best for those children, parents, and teachers in that area...The start of school is a month away for most of our children.  And we know a lot can happen with the virus during that time.  If trends spike and in-person schools cannot be done safely, even with these safety protocols, then North Carolina will need to move to all remote learning."

As far as re-opening the rest of the state, despite the current Executive Order’s expiration this Friday, July 17th, Governor Cooper says the state will continue in Safer At Home Phase 2 for the next three weeks. 

The data trends of Covid-19 are troubling, says Cooper, and could spike in the blink of an eye.  And that could threaten the state’s ability to re-open schools next month.