Dorian's Unexpected Force: Tornadoes

Sep 6, 2019

Dorian has left the Cape Fear region, but its impact lingers. While counties spent nearly a week preparing for Thursday night’s wind and rainfall, the most significant damage may have happened hours before the storm actually hit: from tornadoes.

Damage at the height of Dorian was relatively minimal. That’s according to Scott Garner, Deputy Director of Emergency Services for Brunswick County.


“Overall, I think that we might've dodged a bullet. We do have several homes with major damage...but most of that was from a tornado that happened yesterday morning.”

In Pender County, Tom Collins, Emergency Management Director, says the tornadoes -- which sprouted up early Thursday morning -- weren’t exactly expected. 

“It's been a long time since I remember a hurricane where we’ve had a lot of thunderstorms and... tornadic activity like this. It’s not as common for a tropical system.” 

County officials say damage assessment is still underway.

Hannah Breisinger, WHQR News.