CoastLine: Joe Breault Reluctantly Bids Farewell To Belville And His Tri-County Vision

Jul 13, 2018

Joe Breault, Mayor Pro Tem of the Town of Belville, is moving to Florida a little more than halfway through his second term as Commissioner. 

According to U.S. Census data, Belville boasts a population of slightly more than two-thousand, and it claims less than two square miles which is surrounded by the Town of Leland.  Despite the Town’s diminutive size, Joe Breault has seen fit to aggressively push a vision connecting the entire Cape Fear region through blueways and greenways – and the beginning of that vision – is coming to fruition on Belville’s riverfront.  He was also part of a controversial move to transfer assets of a water utility serving Leland to the Town of Belville – in hopes of keeping plans on track for a reverse osmosis plant. 

The first time Joe Breault ran for a seat on Belville’s Town Board -- he lost.  In 2011, he ran again and won about 34% of the vote – first place.  In Belville seven years ago, that translated to 169 votes.  Running for a second term in 2015, he was one of two candidates on the ballot for one of two seats.  Pat Bryant and Joe Breault received exactly the same number of votes – 89. 

He’s with us today to talk his time as a public official in Belville, his contribution to the future of the Cape Fear region, and to pull back the curtain a bit on the life he’s lived up to now – and perhaps – some of the key lessons he’s learned.  His  resignation is effective after the July 16th meeting.


Joe Breault, Belville Mayor Pro Tem, Town Commissioner