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00000177-efb4-dee4-afff-efbec5570005CoastLine: Beneath the Surface is a 12 month series focusing on civil discourse in our local community and beyond. Members of the community will engage in a roundtable style conversation, one that is lively and respectful, and will explore a range of topics.As laid out in our debut show, "There will be agreements and disagreements. And while opinions might change, that is not the point. We expect politics to play a part, but that's not the point, either. We’re focused on understanding how peoples' lived experiences shape their views. We’re working to separate the person from the easy labels – the boxes we like to put each other in. The goal is to cut through the bluster...and to listen more thoughtfully and more actively to what someone else is really trying to say."Host: Rachel Lewis HilburnProducer: Katelyn Freund, Rachel KeithAudio Producer / Editor: Kaitlin Hanrahan

CoastLine: Arthur Brooks On Raising The Civil Discourse Bar To Loving The Enemy

Arthur Brooks is a Harvard Professor and Author of 11 books, including Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America From The Culture Of Contempt

It was January of 2019 that WHQR brought together about a dozen people, diverse in age, ethnicity, and political affiliation.  Our objective:  to see how the tone and quality of the group’s conversation changed over the course of the year.  And to find out whether these people could come to value spending time together. 

Throughout this process, especially early on, I relied heavily on ideas and practices put forth in a book published just after we started.  And if you’ve listened to any of the early episodes of Beneath The Surfaceyou would have heard me reference the book: Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America From The Culture Of Contempt.

It’s by bestselling author Arthur Brooks, who’s written ten other books and served for a decade as President of the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative public policy think tank in Washington, D.C.  Arthur Brooks left that post this summer to join Harvard as Professor in the Practice of Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School and Faculty Fellow at the Harvard Business School.   According to his website, his work there focuses on developing leadership practices and policies that encourage entrepreneurship, enhance human happiness, and promote the well-being of all. 

He joined us via Skype. 


Rachel hosts and produces CoastLine, an award-winning hourlong conversation featuring artists, humanitarians, scholars, and innovators in North Carolina. The show airs Wednesdays at noon and Sundays at 4 pm on 91.3 FM WHQR Public Media. It's also available as a podcast; just search CoastLine WHQR. You can reach her at rachellh@whqr.org.