On September 14th, 2018, Hurricane Florence made landfall in Wilmington, NC. WHQR stayed through the storm, holed up in the third floor studios downtown even as the building began to sway from the storm’s heavy winds. 

Almost a year later, after listening to staff members discuss their experience, WHQR’s 2019 summer intern Annabelle Crowe decided to investigate how the WHQR team worked together to weather the storm. 

Wilmington is still reeling from the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, and the latest city budget reflects that. The 200 million dollar 2019-2020 budget has been unanimously approved by the city council, and much of its focus centers around severe weather relief and planning.

Vince Winkel

Hurricane Florence added stress to North Carolina’s fish industry. That was the consensus of marine scientists with UNC Chapel Hill and UNCW. While experts say the industry recovered from the storm, there remain challenges for those who make a living from the sea in the Cape Fear Region. 

Vince Winkel / WHQR Public Radio

The fishing industry in Southeastern North Carolina came to a grounding halt when Hurricane Florence pounded the coast in mid-September. Since then, officials say, the industry has rebounded thanks in part to the Hurricane Florence Commercial Fishing Assistance Program.

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Six months ago, Hurricane Florence pounded the Cape Fear Region, with a mix of strong winds and record-setting rain. Today, Wilmington and the rest of Southeastern North Carolina are still in recovery mode.

Vince Winkel

FEMA has announced that crisis counseling services available for people who have been impacted by the Hurricane Florence disaster are available. 

Vince Winkel

Hurricane Florence will bring more than high winds and torrential rains when it reaches the Cape Fear Region this week. It will also bring a storm surge.  It’s not just a coastal phenomenon.