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Communique: EXPO 216 Presents "Evidential Mediumship Demonstration" | Death & Dying

Kim Griffin, Evidential Medium
Kim Griffin

EXPO 216 Gallerium on Front Street in Wilmington presents  Mediums (as in, those who connect with the dead) on Saturday, June 16 for the Evidential Mediumship Demonstration. This event is offered twice-at 2:00pm and 7:00pm.  

The Death & Dying exhibit has been up at EXPO 216 since last year. The exhibit continues to expand, with recent additions of the Infinity/Near Death Experience room and the Opioid Addiction Project. On Saturday, two Mediums join the exhibit with a focus on bridging the gap between life and death: Kim Griffin and Felicia Grant.

Listen to Kim above; find excerpts and read our full conversation with both Mediums below.

Tickets for this event are available online and at the door. 

Find out more about the Mediums: Felicia Grant & Kim Griffin

LiSTEN to Felicia Grant talk about one of her early experiences as a Medium
LiSTEN to Kim Griffin and Felicia Grant talk about skeptics
LiSTEN to Felicia Grant and Kim Griffin talk about life as vibration

Gina: What do you call yourself?

Kim Griffin: My name is Kim Griffin, and I call myself an Evidential Medium.

Gina: An evidential medium. Can you tell me what that means?

Kim: An evidential medium is a medium that connects with people on the other side and gives evidence of their loved ones or gives evidence of the spirit communication such as physical descriptions, personality, hobbies, job, where they lived, etc. etc. That way that the person that is the sitter - which is the recipient of the reading - knows exactly who it is. We try to avoid psychic messages, such as "Your father came through, and he died of a heart attack. He is telling me that you're moving to North Carolina. You got a new job" - that is something that you start to go into a psychic reading.

A Mediumship Reading is when you were just connecting to the spirit loved one. They may give messages like that towards the end. That's really just to prove that they are around, that they are still watching, and that they're still part of our lives. Basically, they're just third vehicle, their physical body, has ceased to exist because you can't destroy energy. So, when our physical bodies ceased to exist, our spiritual bodies, our incarnate spirits, is now dis-incarnate and now we're in our spiritual body.

Gina: Okay. Tell me your name and what you call yourself.

Felicia Grant: I'm Felicia Grant, and I call myself a Spirit Medium. But also like Kim, I am trained in the same thought process of being an evidential medium. My goal is to bring forth evidence that your loved ones are still around you, and they see what you're doing every day - every part of your life, every aspect.

Gina: When did you realize that you had a different experience in the world than other people? That you saw things or heard things or just knew things that other people around you did not? That you had a special perception?

Felicia: That's a great question. So, I knew I was different when I was a small child. When I look at the signs now, I'm the classic empath, meaning I feel and sense things going on around me. I don't see spirit, but I feel and I know that spirit is around me. As small child, I had an imaginary friend. I remember being frightened, but I don't know why. I would put myself in a closet to get away. I was very withdrawn. I didn't have a lot of friends. I stayed very much to myself. Then, I believe I closed that off until probably about 10 years ago. I was in Sedona, Arizona for two weeks and started doing a lot of spiritual work at that time.

I started to sense and feel things. I would just get a thought in my mind that I know is not my own. Or, just be around somebody and have a feeling - a knowing - about them or know that sense that something was gonna happen before it happened. So, over the past 10 years, I've really been honing and developing this gift. I've tried to walk away from it many times. I've tried to turn it off. Probably about five or six years ago, spirit started getting my attention in the middle of the night. I'd be asleep, and I would sort of be awake but not. Then, it would be like there was a bright light in the room. I would wake up my husband, and I'd say, "Can you see that?" And he'd say no. They were trying harder and harder to get my attention. I started doing some formal training to really develop this gift that I have.

Gina: And how about you?

Kim: I did not see spirit when I was younger. I didn't have the typical grandma at the end of the bed that woke me up or angels around me. I'm sure there were angels around me, but I didn't see them. It started when I was a teenager. It would happen in dream state - meaning I would have somebody that had passed come to me not knowing that they had passed, telling me that they had passed, and then I would wake up. The next day or two days, I would find out that Mr. Smith down the road passed. That was the person that had visited me in my dream. Then, as time went on. I would get relatives that would come to me, my dream state again and let me know that they had passed. Then a couple days later, Uncle Hank died or he had already passed - or Uncle Leonard or whoever the relative was. The fun thing - it sounds strange to say, I should say the strange thing - funny thing is when they would come to me, they would not say, "I died." When my uncle Hank had passed, he said, " I'm on vacation."

My other uncle said, "I'm at the carnival." Another uncle - my mother has a family of 10, so a lot of them come to me - another one said, "I'm at the ice cream shop." That just showed me that we have our own version of heaven. I think everybody has their own version of what heaven is. So, for Uncle Leonard, it was the ice cream shop. For a Uncle Hank, it was a vacation - wherever that may be. Also, that life is continuous. I did not take this very, very seriously, to be honest with you. I grew up in the 70s. I had too much partying to do, and I just kind of ignored it. I thought it was a fun trick.

That's what I thought. I thought it was a fun little thing that happened to me, and I did not take it seriously. I had a lot of stuff happen to me in my twenties. As far as my personal life when I straightened out my act probably in my thirties, it started to come on very, very strong. I will say in my late twenties, I had a premonition that my mother was going to die. A month later she did die, and it was exactly how I had dreamed it. So, after her passing and after I got my act together, things started to happen. I still was not receptive of it. I really didn't want it to be because the shame that comes along with it. 

I think I was embarrassed of it. The shame of it. People not accepting me for it. I hid it. I was starting to read externally instead of dream state. It started coming on in real life when I was awake. I started just reading friends and stuff. People would say, "Try!" and I'd be like, "I only do it when I'm sleeping." They'd say "Just try." It is a thought process. So, I tapped into that thought process. I don't see or hear with my physical eye or ear, it's all through my mind's eye. The spirit does not have the voice box. They don't have their physical body. The medium's job is to learn the language of spirit.

To learn the language of spirit, we have to understand the symbols and the references. I was reading people for a little while. I guess it was back in 2005, 2006. But then somebody said, "Well, you really should go to development." And yes, there are development classes for this. I started go - I'm from New Jersey - to a Spiritualist Church run by a former Catholic nun. That intrigued me because I was raised Catholic. I was like, "Well, if it's good for the former Catholic nun, then it's good for me." From there, it just kind of exploded.

Gina: I'm imagining it being like Hogwarts - like real life Hogwarts where mediums and psychics go for to develop their skills.

Kim: In England, there actually is. There's a school called Arthur Findlay College for Psychic and Mediumship Development in Stansted, England. People actually do go there. 

Gina: I want to ask you about the shame that's attached to being a psychic or a medium.

Felicia: Real life story - I'm totally coming out of the closet with this - I've had a lot of fear about totally owning who I am. I know the spirit world gets upset when I don't own who I am. We're new here. We moved here two years ago. We live in a very small, what I would say bedroom type of community. Everybody knows everybody. It's a new neighborhood. I did a public demonstration at Unity Church for the first time ever with a friend a couple months ago in April. We taped it. We did a video - a Facebook Live. Fast forward - we're at to a Derby party in my neighborhood - one of the men in our neighborhood comes up to me and he says, "Lady, you scare me." [Laughs] I said, "What?"

He said, "Yeah, I saw your YouTube on Facebook." And I said, "What YouTube?" And he said, "You know, the YouTube. You were talking to dead people or something." And he said, "You scare me." I'm like, "Really?" And he said, "Yeah." And then I'm trying to convince him why I shouldn't scare him. And I said, "Well, what are you frightened of? I'm not frightened to them. I'm more frightened of the two legged people walking around." I tried to talk to him, and it really wasn't me that scared him but the fact that dead people could be talking scared him.

I've steered away from using the word "psychic medium." I did get certified last summer with Lisa Williams, who's an English International Psychic Medium. She had her own TV show many years ago, which kind of propelled her. Merv Griffin took a liking to her when she first came to America. Anyway, I wanted to train with someone like Kim, who trained with Janet who's very well respected. My title is "Certified Advanced Psychic Medium," but I don't use the word "psychic" because I still feel there's a stigma with that. I feel like when people think of psychic, they think of card readers or the people that you go to in New York. You pay them $10, and they tell you you better watch out because this, this, and this is going to happen. I still don't feel like the word "psychic" is accepted like it should be. All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. You can be psychic and intuitive and read and tap into somebody's aura and get information from them but not be a medium.

Having that spirit connection. I don't know about Kim, but I was told in training that I received my psychic information through Spirit. I think we really very similar. I don't give people advice either, but there are times where Spirit will come through. I might have somebody's grandfather, father, and they're saying, "I know you're a little worried about money." Sometimes I will get a psychic message at the end of a reading, but it's not actually doing a psychic reading. I don't really want to sit down with people that want me to tell them when they're going to meet their next boyfriend.

Gina: Did you want to say anything about the shame?

Kim: I was in the closet for the longest time. When I lived in New Jersey, I would read my friends - this one, that one, whoever. I would tell people, "Don't tell anybody, don't tell anybody" because if somebody finds out they're going to think I'm crazy. I still had that crazy stigma is attached to it. As time went on, it kind of just dissipated. My family didn't know about it. My immediate family - my husband knew and my children - knew about it. My neighbors knew about it, but brother, sister, nieces, nephews had no idea whatsoever. To be honest with you, I've been doing this for awhile. My sister only found out about three years ago - and that was completely by accident. The rest of the family I think found out about a year ago. I haven't really seen them since. What my sister tells me is nobody really cares.

We build it up like it's going to be earth shattering, and they're going to go, "Oh, gotta bring her to the loony bin and blah, blah blah." All my brothers said was, "What the f?" He goes, "How come I was the last one to know about this?" That's the only thing that he said. Now, will he say something to me when I go visit New Jersey? Probably. But, I think the thing that really has inspired me to get over it is the messages that I deliver to people. It really not about me. I am just a conduit. I'm just in the middle - the medium. I take this work very seriously and very, very sacred. It's like touching the Hem of God, I believe. For example, if I have a mother that is across from me and lost her son to suicide or something, because not every spirit communicator is grandma with the apple pie. There is some real tragedy, and it's very humbling when you're in front of these people and go, "You know what? This is really not about me." I came to a place now where, "How dare I hide it now?" I'm trying to be of service. People are not going to get over their grief from going to a medium, but it will help them or aid them in the bereavement. 

I wouldn't say they're ashamed, but I don't just go up to people say, "Hey, guess what - I'm a medium!" Or, if you meet me for the first time, "Guess what I do?" If it comes up in conversation, it comes up.

Gina: On Saturday you're doing what's called Evidential Mediumship. What will that be like on Saturday?

Felicia: Not everybody's guaranteed to reading. When people come to this type of event, they bring their spirit with them. Kim's probably done a lot more of these than I have. When I walked in the room at Unity, it was like bees for stinging me life. We had 20 people, and the energy was just powerful. I could feel everybody's spirit energy coming at me. Then, as a medium, what we do is we do Spirit-centered reading. I stood up. We opened ourselves up, and we talked to the people about what's going to happen and how we work - that our heads don't spin around to the back. [Laughs] No, crazy things don't start happening.

I just opened myself up. It's kinda like life. The pushy spirits get through first. Kim also brought up a really good point about signs and symbols. So, I get information, I get thoughts, I get feelings, things in my head that are not my own because my idea of opening up is to clear my head and receive this information. I attract a lot of people that are Marines because they use my spirit reference library. My father was a former Marine. They know she understands Marine combat. I'll start receiving information. I'll use an example. We did a Facebook Live online. I've got a very tall gentleman with a chiseled face. He's showing me he was in the Marine Corps. He's showing me a presentation of the flag. The flag was given to his mother at the funeral.

Then, we turn it over and we wait for somebody in the audience to say hopefully raise their hand and say, "Oh, that was my husband" or that was my uncle, or whatever. Once the person in the audience is identified as a match for that, then our link gets even stronger with the spirit because the spirit is going, "Okay, okay - that's my person!" Sometimes even people get what they call "spiritual amnesia." They think, "Well, I know they're really not talking about me" or they're afraid to raise their hand. Sometimes, as we were talking about the other day, you have to ask spirit sometimes to help you. If your person is here, then you've got to show me who that person is. They might say who in your head or your hearing or your drawn to a person.

I think each medium gets their person differently. I feel a pull towards people in my solar plexus area. I'll feel a pull, or I'll just have a knowing. Some people are actually lucky enough to see a spirit standing behind the person. They'll say, "Oh, your father are standing behind you." I don't see spirit that way. I had a lot of fear growing up. I think with this I have very strong rules. I did not want to see dead people. So. So they don't show him that don't have any say.

Gina: What about you? What it will look like on Saturday, and what it will be like for you?

Kim: I think she set it up pretty well. Usually, we have a group of people. Felicia and I will go up there and explain how it works. I usually use  8 to 10 minutes to bring through the communicator. It'd be like, "Oh, I have a father here. It looks like this." Hopefully, someone raises their hand and goes, "Oh, that's for me!" Then, you just go on for a few more minutes - roughly about 8 to 10 minutes. After the one medium's done, the next medium will go back up. I'd like to add though that, for me, it's usually the need rather than the wants - meaning that people have their top five that they want to come through.

They have a "I want my father to come through," "I want my mother to come through," "These are the people that I want to come through," or "I want mother to come through. I don't want my father to come through” for whatever reason. But, there may be a need for father to come through. Maybe father was an alcoholic and abandoned the family. I've had situations where that has happened and the people are kind of like, "Well, I didn't want him to come through. I had a great relationship with my mother. I wanted her to come through." That's exactly why father came through because there may need to be some kind of apology. Even though we are working for spirit - and we are here for the spirit communicator - we're still here on the earth plane. We're still, living amongst the living. We are of service to them as well so they can kind of go on with their life. Whether or not they take that away with them and seek more help to get over there - problems with father, whatever relationship is really up to them - it could start a healing process for them.

Gina: But you do see yourself like, your boss is the Spirit? Like you work for the Spirit World?

Kim: We work for the Spirit World.

Felicia: They're are our client basically. Couple things. So, sometimes spirits will come through in groups. I was at a John Edward with 700, 800 people. Sometimes mediums will go right down the row because your father's with his mother, with his sister, with his aunt. People have to be patient. We have no control over who comes through, and sometimes patience pays off. There's the star attraction which might be Grandma, but Uncle Joe might come through. You didn't even know Uncle Joe, but you remember Uncle Joe lived on a farm in Buffalo, New York.

Well, Uncle Joe is here to make the link to you, but then brings Grandma through. So, if people are patient with whoever is coming through, they may have someone else with them. People don't really change their personality much in spirit. Some family members are more pushy. My husband's Aunt Sadie always comes through to bring my husband's father, her little brother, through who was very quiet. You just have to work through who's here and who they have with them.

The other thing is sometimes, in the audience, it's your spirit but the person in the row behind you is going, "Oh my god - I can relate to everything you're saying." But then there's this one thing you say, "Oh well, you know, they were from Florida." Then you go, "Oh, that wasn't my person." A lot of people say, "Well you're getting the letter, but they're getting a postcard" because those spirits might be together. I don't know if you agree with that, but you see what I'm saying. Last night we were doing a spirit circle, and I believe I had Kim's dad. But, we think we use with someone else's dad too. They very similar things about each other.

Kim: It's called piggy backing. It's when two spirits can come in at the same time.

Gina: Piggybacking?

Kim: Piggybacking. Usually two people, maybe they didn't know each other in life. She had brought my father through, and then she brought somebody else's father through. Obviously, they did not know each other, but they had similar personalities.

Gina: In terms of the service that you're providing, why is it, do you think, that you can have this perception? That you and others like you with this perception get to have that, and why did we -the rest of us - not have that? What do you think is the purpose of most people walking around blind?

Felicia: I believe that every one of us has this ability. For example, we can all sing, but we're not all Andrea Bocelli. I believe that people can work to tap into their intuition and open up to these gifts. I just recently heard though that Mavis Pittilla 80 some years old believes that mediums have a certain DNA that allows us to hear higher notes. I believe that everybody has certain levels of ability. I don't believe I have a gift or I'm gifted. I believe that I have an ability that allows me to share my gifts with other people by connecting to their loved ones.

Gina: Do you have anything to add to that?

Kim: I also want to add the fact that I don't think that mediumship is above psychic work. I think there are some fantastic psychics out there, mediums that have a psychic ability can't touch that psychic ability. I know this woman from New Jersey. I got a reading from her. She was 80 at the time - I mean the best psychic that I've ever been in front of, unbelievable - and I haven't seen any medium that can touch that realm of psychic ability. So, I don't want anybody to think that a medium is above psychic work. It's just two different modalities is what I believe. Also, I believe that what Felicia was talking about was a different vibration.

Some people can just tap into a different vibration or a higher vibration than other people. But I also believe that, like she said, everybody has a certain ability. But, I do believe that our religious beliefs hold us back. The social aspects hold us back as well. When we're young, you hear about a lot of young people - a lot of young children - that can see spirit. As soon as society tells them, "Oh, that doesn't happen. That's crazy." All of a sudden, we shut it down. I've seen it a lot with different mediums that have been through hell and back. People that have been through so much for what ever reason. People that have lost children, and all of a sudden they can tap into their medium mystic abilities. People that are drug addicts or alcoholics can just, because they've gotten their life back in order or whatever the case is, can just tap into that. They kind of welcome that too.

Felicia: It's also near death experiences too. John Holland's story, I think, is he had a horrific car accident and walked away from it completely unscratched. But, all of a sudden, he was hearing from the other side. I had a bit of a tumultuous childhood. I feel like I was very, sensitive and receptive to my surroundings. I think a lot of mediums would say that too - and psychics. We're more sensitive, and the price of sensitivity is horrible. I'm an extremely sensitive person. I'm in tune with everything that's going on in a room that I walk into.

I want to agree with Kim too. I am not a great psychic at all, and I don't pretend to be. That's why I said I don't really know. I don't really like to do psychic readings because there are a lot better psychics and me. I feel like my gift is to be able to tap into the other side and get validation information from them.

Gina: What's going on over there on the other side? Do you know?

Kim: No, I don't know. Do you know?

Felicia: Have you seen "What Dreams May Come"? It's a great movie. You should - you would love that movie. It reminds me of when you brought up heaven. My belief is that we create our own heaven. I don't believe there's a heaven, and I don't believe there's a hell. I believe that when we leave this physical body, we go into a different vibration. It's almost like a different radio station. As I had James Van Praagh, a medium, tell me one time, I'm at 106.5. Kim has probably at 106.5. Our loved ones are probably even greater than that.

They have to lower their vibration, we have to raise ours to communicate with them being the medium. They're back to that divine source where they came from. I do believe when they communicate with us they talk to us about where they are now, what their heaven looks like. If you ask them, they'll tell you. A lot of times, it has to do with what Kim was saying. I'll ask people, "Where are you now?" And they'll say, "Well, I'm in a garden. I'm gardening," or "I'm in the library. I'm reading" I think that they create their own heaven.

Kim: They're having a big party. I would like to think the family's back together. I don't know what they're doing on the other side to be honest with you. It's just a very thin veil between the earth plane in the spirit world. I believe when they do come through, they're penetrating that veil with their love and their anticipation to connect to their loved ones here on the earth plane. The one thing I will tell you is, because I never really questioned it or asked them like, "Hey, so what's your heaven like over there?" [laughs] But, that's because I don't have like a personal interaction with them. When I'm in front of somebody that wants to reading, my job is to work for the spirit world, give out the information of who they are.

There was this one time when the spirit was actually talking to me in my head - and I think it only happened once. I don't believe in stuck spirits. I don't believe that spirits are stuck in limbo. I don't believe in spirit attachments. That's my personal belief. Everybody has their own belief. We don't really know until we get onto the other side. I was just talking to somebody about it very passionately and the spirit came through. He said to me, "Kim, you're right, it's like a snap." I went, "Oh my god." The recipient was like, "Are you okay?" But, that's what I got from him. It's a snap. I thought that was so interesting. It's like we're here, and then we're there.

Felicia: There's no time on the other side. They have no concept of time for us. Sometimes, people will say, "Oh, well it was three years ago or five years ago." There's no time on that side. They don't really know. They know what's going on in our life. I'm training with another English medium right now mentoring, and he's wanting us to be more heart centered in our readings. English are all about evidence. They want you to have 15 pieces of evidence until it's just an ad nauseum. It's just evidence after evidence after evidence. He wants mediums to become more heart centered in their message, and I read that way.

I get more situational stuff because I am more of a touchy feely kind of person. Your mom's talking about when you were in the kitchen and her memory of making apple pies. While that's evidence, it's touchy feely kind of stuff. Being heart more heart centered and asking them, "Where are you now? Who are you with? What do you see now?" Those are three things that he hones in on a part of our training. That's still validation. They do like to let you know that they were there when you're running around the house and you couldn't find your car keys. They are there when those kinds of things happen and they like to bring it up sometimes. 

Gina: Do you think that they are more concerned with our world than their world?

Kim: I do - not our world per se, but us. I believe that they're still concerned for their family. I don't think that ever goes away. I could tell you my personal experiences with my own family members that have passed and certain signs that I've gotten. I know that they are around watching and concerned and using serendipitous moments. They can't direct certain things, but I believe they can guide us in a sense. So, if your parents are gone, I still think that they are around and still kind of a guiding us and protecting us. Giving us signs, maybe music or a certain books or things that we run into and go, "Oh, mom used to read that all the time." I think it's their way of saying we're still around, we still love you. My sister had just gone through a very, very rough time when my brother in law had just passed away this past October. I do believe certain things are happening in her life that maybe my parents constructed.

Gina: Let me ask you this: What are some of the most striking things that you've seen evidence-wise from a spirit that you then communicated to the living person?  

Linda: I'm going to give an example of my mother's death. She died in 1991. I was working in Washington, D.C., and I flew to Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, she died while I was on the way. We went from the hospital to my sister's house. A medium who was a friend of mine in Washington, D.C. called me and said, "Are you there? I have some great news for you. Your mother's fine. She's enjoying herself in a hot tub." So, I'm thinking, "Okay, good to know." Then, we immediately got a call from my mother's best friend, Lorena, who was at the house, and it was somebody from her house who said, "You've got to come home immediately because the hot tub has turned itself on, and we can't get it turned off." And Lorena said, "Well, that would be your mother because she always wanted to join us in the hot tub. But she couldn't because of her knees. She couldn't get in." I don't know if that counts as scientific evidence, but it was enough for all of us.

Felicia: As a developing medium, I'm still still learning. I think we all learn actually. Tony says we hit our stride when we're 80. [Laughs] I had a crazy experience in the very beginning of my training. I was leading a Women's Retreat, and this woman had not asked me for a reading. I normally don't give people readings unless they ask for it. This man was trying to get my attention, and every time I would get around her I couldn't breathe. I felt like I was having a heart attack. That night, we were all having dinner and she said, "Yeah, my husband died unexpectedly of a heart attack."

And I thought, "Oh, this is really interesting." That's not the evidence. The next morning, I'm walking up to breakfast. I can tell that this man is around me, and he wants to talk to me. So, I go out into the woods of Dahlonega, and I'm like, "Okay, I'm here. You need to tell me what you need to say." He starts talking about in the kitchen and sunny side eggs up. But the most poignant thing he was telling me, he kept showing me red lips, like red lipstick. It was almost like he was like kissing an envelope - is what I was seeing him do. Later on that afternoon, she comes in from shopping. I followed her in and I said, "I don't know if you're open to this, but I really need to give you a message."

I said, "I feel like your husband is trying to communicate with me because every time I'm around you, I feel like I'm having a heart attack." And she's like, "Oh, I'm so sorry." But anyway, as I'm talking to her, I'm holding the piece of paper where I had written all the notes down from him. The most interesting thing was he was showing me red lipstick. Now, if you saw this woman, you would never ever in your entire life think that this woman had worn red lipstick. It didn't fit her. I said, "But he's showing the red lipstick." I'm sitting here and he's going like this [kissing sounds] on a card. She looks at me - here's this little tiny Jewish woman - she says, "Oh my god, when he used to travel for business - because he traveled all the time for business - I would put on red lipstick, and I would kiss the front of his underwear where his [laughs]. She would put it in a suitcase. Unbelievable. True story. Pretty cool. Huh?

Gina: Wow.

Felicia: You can't make this stuff up. Not in your wildest dreams. Anyway, that was my best pIece of evidence ever. She even said to me, "Don't ever be afraid to give somebody a message. That was the most beautiful thing you could have ever told me."

Gina: That's a cool idea, too. [All laugh] Do you have one of your more interesting evidence pieces?

Kim: I do. I was trying to go through the history. This one always comes up because it's a lesson with references. I was doing a public demo in New Jersey. I was with two or three other mediums, and there were about 30 people in the audience. I'm connecting, and then I connect with this one gentleman from California. He's given me all this information, and the woman could take this information - it was a friend of hers - and then he started to talk about her love life. Now, you have to be a Yankees fan to really, really appreciate this. I grew up in New Jersey, right next to New York City. My household is all Yankee fans.

That particular summer, Mariano Rivera, who is the relief pitcher of the New York Yankees, was retiring. When Mariano Rivera would be on the pitcher's mound, Metallica used to play "Enter Sandman" at their home games. So anyhow, the communicator is giving me Mariano Rivera on the pitcher's mound, and I can hear Metallica singing "Enter Sandman." And I'm like, "What the hell's going on here?" I realized, "Okay, tell me what's going on here. Why am I seeing Mariano Rivera?" I'm saying this to the spirit communicator and he said, "Just mention the New York Yankees." So I said to the girl, "I understand that you have a relationship or something with the New York Yankees or somebody in the New York Yankees?"

I got what they call a mind map. I went, "Where's the energy going here? And I also understand that there is also relationship with Lars. The communicators talking about Lars because I'm seeing the drummer from Metallica." She went, "Yes, that would be true." I said, "Could you validate that information please? Could you tell me why am I seeing Lars from Metallica?" She said, "Because I went out with Lars from Metallica, and I also went out with Michael Kay who is the New York Yankees announcer." So, I said to her, "I don't know what I'm more impressed with - the fact that you went out with two famous guys or the fact that a spirit gave me this information the way they gave it to me." It was like a twofer. It was crazy. I'm like, "I can't believe you went out with Michael K. Are you guys into the yankees?

He's like a big name with the New York Yankees as far as being an announcer. Then you've got Lars from Metallica who's the drummer. I was floored.

Gina: Yeah, that was crazy.

Kim: Turns out, she worked at ESPN in California. That's where the whole California lnk came in. That was pretty wild. But that was an example of how spirit will use your references of what you know. I didn't even want to know anything about the New York Yankees. It's just my whole family are New York Yankee fans. I knew it through the connection.

You wouldn't have been able to interpret that?

Felicia: I wouldn't have at all.

Gina: Do you think that that spirit would have given you a different message, knowing what you could exactly process?

Felicia: Yes. I want to give you a quick example. We had this reading that evening at Unity in April, and the other medium I was working with - I like to work with really seasoned mediums - she had brought through a gentleman that was killed in a car crash. She went through the whole thing, and it was a woman in the front row. It was her husband. My last reading of the night was a Marine.

He showed me the Marine Corps. He showed me helicopters. He showed me that he didn't want to go - talking about his last tour of duty. It was the same woman, and it was the same man - her husband. He came through with a head trauma in a car crash for that medium, but he knew he was stealing the show that night because he'd come through twice or three times. He had come through for me showing himself a Marine Corps. He wanted to fly helicopters, and he was giving me all this military reference that he knew I would know.

Kim: There was this one time I was reading for somebody from New Jersey - I was in North Carolina - it was a phone reading. I'm reading her. I have no idea who this woman is. I have no idea. So, I'm connecting to her and her ex husband that had passed away. What he passed of, and I'm getting the name Joseph. The area, which was near where I lived at that particular time, and I start writing down somebody's name that I knew from New Jersey. I'm writing down Donny Mac, Donny Mac, Donny Mac. So, I'm like, "Well, maybe spirits just giving me information connected to him. It's a reference that I would know. Oh, I understand AA, and I understand Bradley Gardens.

I kept on writing his name down. I said, "Why am I getting Donny Mac?" And she goes, "Because that's my ex husband." And I said, "Oh. Well, you told me Joseph?" She said, "That's his birth name, but nobody called him Joseph." And I went, "Okay." I knew him. Because I knew him, I couldn't be objective. Then my mind will start to come into play and start analyzing the information. Well, I knew that. Sometimes they'll come in with somebody that I think I don't know, so that way the information or the evidence can be a little bit more pure. It happened to me another time too.

Again, a woman I did not know and her husband came through. I said, "Why is it showing me an apple? He keeps on showing me an apple." And she said, "Because that's what they used to call him, Apple." Then it dawned on me. I went, "Oh my god. I knew him. I knew him, and I used to wait on him." And she goes, "You worked at the Westboro. You were a bartender."

And I said yes. He used to go into the Westboro all the time, but he didn't give me the beginning information about the fact that I would know him so I could be objective.

Gina: Do you believe in reincarnation?

Kim: I don't know. I'm not opposed to the belief of it. I just don't know. I used to believe in reincarnation. Then I went back with it. Now I just don't know. I keep my mind open to it. It'd be nice, but it might be fun over there in the carnival. Or on the vacation that Uncle Hank is on.

Gina: Do you believe in reincarnation?

Felicia: I think I do. I think that we come back to Earth School to learn lessons over and over again that we don't get right the first time. But, I do believe that you get to a point. I believe my grandmother is that point where she won't come back anymore. I think she's evolved enough. That's just my thought, but I don't know. It's hard for me to think about how do you communicate with the spirit if they've come back? But if we're all just energy, I guess it doesn't really matter. So, that's kind of a deep question. I think I do.

Gina: Is there anything else that you'd like to tell me? 

Kim: The spirit world is nothing to be scared of. It's nothing to fear. Again, my personal belief is they're no in limbo. They're not in purgatory. They're not running around in somebody's yard. Stuck. A lot of people have a perception that maybe suicides or very traumatic passing such as a murder or something that they're angry, and they're staying here. Or, they're lost or confused.

What I will say is what my teacher, Janet who's the former Catholic nun, said to me, if we think that a spirit is stuck what we were saying God is out of control and doesn't know what He's doing. We're giving more power to the negativity, than we should be the positivity. We are all Children of God and saying that we had a child that was lost or confused, or maybe it wasn't acting the way that we think they should be, would we disown them? No, we would not disown them. We would not let them wander around. Same thing with whatever you want to call God, the Divine Spirit, the Source. Spirits are not stuck. People will disagree with me, and that's their opinion and more power to them.

Felicia: I would like to say also, there's nothing to be afraid of. There is no fear. There are no dark spirits. There are no evil spirits. I believe that evil spirits were made up by religion to control people. I don't have any problem with religion. I feel that the church has used evil spirits and things like that. There are no evil spirits. There's absolutely nothing to be afraid of. As a matter of fact, even if you come to this and you don't get a message, you will experience so much healing that people receive by receiving these messages. I've seen mothers that have lost children and to know that their child is okay - that's what people want to know. Are my relatives okay? Did they feel any pain when the car crashed? When their life was taken from them, did they feel any pain? I have never had a spirit come through or heard the spirit say that they felt any pain. That's not the way it works. We're just taken from our body very quickly. There's just a lot of healing that comes through in these types of events. I would encourage people to come and even if you're a virgin, do it. It's great.

Gina: What about a skeptic?

Felicia: Yes. We love skeptics.

Gina: Do you love skeptics? Love is a strong word …

Kim: Well, they're going to believe what they're going to believe, and there's nothing we can do about that. The reason for mediumship and the reason for a demonstration like we're going to be doing Saturday is to prove the continuity of life. Life is continuous. But even in saying that, there may be some people that will walk out going, "I still don't know if I believe." But, it is to give an experience that communication is achievable and that life is continuous.

Healthy skepticism, I believe, is a good thing. I'm a skeptic, I truly am a skeptic, and I was when I started this. That's why evidence is so important for me as a medium. If somebody is a nonbeliever and "I don't believe in this crap" - that's one thing. They're taking inventory of everything that you're saying., "Well, they could have said that. Well, they would have known it. Well, every father wore black rimmed glasses in a crew cut and carry debrief baseball." No they didn't. But, okay.

But healthy skepticism is good. It's good because there are some readings that can be very wishy washy and very general. So, you do want to have that evidence.

Felicia: I would say I'm a skeptic too. Sometimes I even can't believe that I'm getting this information. I can tell somebody something that I don't know, and they validate it. It almost, at times, doesn't even seem real to me. I'm open to skeptics. I've been approached with some people that have religious beliefs against what we do, and I approach everybody with love. So, I would expect the same from those people as well. We welcome skeptics if people have never experienced this before, and they want to see what it's all about.