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Friday Feedback for August 22, 2014

J & M in Ivanhoe, NC wrote:

I love, love, love everything about your programming! Home, car, wherever, WHQR is the station we tune our radio to. Sure there are some programs we don't care for but we have the option to change the channel because we know there are other WHQR listeners who might enjoy what we don't and we wouldn't think of asking you to change just for us. Keep up the great work!

Dr. L. J. wrote:

Please stop paying attention to the several WHQR listeners who are critical of the Diane Rehm show. This is one of the few shows on radio in general that has any high intellectual content and substance. Moreover she presents all points of view. The fact that occasionally and very, very infrequently, her topic in the 10-11AM morning time slot is old news when it is broadcast on WHQR is only because you broadcast her morning show in the mid-afternoon; certainly not her fault. Thank you.

Listener Debby wrote to Jemila Ericson Wednesday:

FABULOUS playlist this morning! Just lovely. I have been enjoying it so much, and it has been making my "cleaning morning" so much nicer (expecially while bailing water from my recently-deceased dishwasher!). Keep going and I'll keep listening… Love you guys!!

Jemila pointed out to Debbie that it's Bob Workmon who programs our daytime classical music. Thanks, Debbie.

Listener Marian wrote:

What happened? ....on Mon Aug 18 my HD radio tuned to HD2 station aired the regular WHQR programming instead of the HD2's 24/7 seamless classical music. PLEASE advise...thx.

As you may have heard, WHQR is planning the launch of our new all-classical 24-hour FM station, which will soon be operational. It will be identical to the HD2 station and to our second online stream. By the time that happens, we will have moved most of our existing classical music services from 91.3fm to the new station.

We are starting to add new components to the HD2 signal. Jemila Ericson's program from 9am to 1pm (with Pat Marriott hosting on Mondays) is one of our most popular local programs on 91.3fm and we expect it to be the centerpiece of the new FM service, so it is already there. Most other hours will be the seamless classical music Marian refers to.

For now we are simulcasting Jemila's program on all our services. When the new classical station goes live, Jemila will remain there and on HD2; other programming will begin on 91.3fm and HD1. Stay tuned.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can always leave a message via email to feedback@WHQR.org. Our Feedback Phone is 910-292-9477. And thanks for your feedback.