As Leland Grows, Council Candidate Rick Paxton Wants to Keep Taxes Low

Sep 27, 2019

Rick Paxton is a newcomer to the Leland Town Council race. He’s an adjunct professor at Campbell University, a U.S. military veteran, and teaches concealed carry classes. He wants to see Leland’s economic growth benefit its citizens, and not impact their wallets. 

The United States Census Bureau estimates that Leland has seen an over 60 percent population increase since 2010. As this trend continues, Paxton’s biggest concern is making sure taxes aren’t raised. 

“...supplementation basically will happen with the growth. So when people come, we create new tax base. So rather than having to increase taxes, the taxes grow anyway...”

As for what he thinks those tax dollars should be spent on?

“...obviously the law enforcement's a big deal… fire and rescue, those things that affect everybody out there are important to me. Do I think that there's not a program out there socially that’s not worthy? I didn't say that, but it would need to be studied, and see what the good turnout would be on that.”

Paxton’s other priority is pushing the state to fine Chemours even more than the $13 million it already has.