Governor Cooper: This Storm Is A Monster

Sep 11, 2018

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper is directing people in the state to obey evacuation orders as Hurricane Florence will affect the entire state of North Carolina.

"This storm is a monster.  It’s big and it’s vicious.  It is an extremely dangerous, historic, life-threatening hurricane."

That’s Governor Roy Cooper Tuesday afternoon.  Hurricane Florence, he says, will affect each and every person in the state.  And that’s why he’s ordered the first mandatory state-issued evacuation for North Carolina’s barrier islands.  It’s also why he’s directing people to obey local evacuation orders.

" The waves and the wind this storm may bring is nothing like you’ve ever seen.  Even if you’ve ridden out other storms before, this one is different.   Don’t bet your life on riding out a monster.  If you wait until conditions get bad, it may be too late to get out safely and you also put first responders at risk."

Shelters are opening Tusday afternoon and evening around the Cape Fear region.  More shelters open Wednesday morning. 

Cooper says President Donald Trump has granted his request for a Federal Disaster Declaration in advance of the storm. 

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