Friday Feedback for June 1, 2012

Jun 1, 2012

Listener Joanne from Southport wrote:

This morning (May 24) shortly before 10:00, I heard a recording on your station that I really liked and went to your website to find it on a playlist. However, there was no current playlist available that I could find. The latest playlist available was for yesterday, May 23. Do I have to wait until tomorrow to find out what the recording was? (I missed the ending, where the announcer provides this info.) Don't you provide a current playlist?

Yes, that is our goal. The information must be entered manually and because of licensing restrictions cannot be done ahead of time. Pat Marriott very kindly forwarded the information to Joanne. We try to keep these as up to date as possible. Thanks to Joanne for the reminder why.

Yeah, I guess this is just another day at WHQR, as opposed to Memorial Day. I mean, don’t you think we should be hearing John Philip Sousa, or the Battle Hymn of the Republic, or Kate Smith, or Aaron Copland -- other than Bach, Beethoven and the usuals? I really think it’s appalling.

Listener Tim wrote:

I wanted to [comment on] this short piece from 5/24 at about 8:20 a.m. It seemed to condone Medical Marijuana when it is prescribed but is a forbidden substance on college campuses. The university cited was Southern Maine University and its insistence that it is a forbidden substance on campus. I don't think NPR should air anything favorable about [marijuana] use. The federal Government does NOT approve it. NPR quotes a Federal statement that [the Department of Justice] doesn't have the resources to pursue these cases, which contradicts DOJ's actions in California. The fact I couldn't find the article this evening makes me think others agree & the segment has been expunged. NPR needs to give every station a refund because this kind of article is exactly why donations dry up.

In response: I sent Tim a link for the NPR story he refers to. Tim later wrote:

Thanks for finding it. My opinion is still not changed. The article is inappropriate for broadcasting. NPR's article produced comments that attest to this. . . on a favorable note, Mr. Ira Glass had an excellent topic on Saturday at noon about an atrocity that occurred in Guatemala in the 1980's. very evenly presented…

Listener Karen wrote:

The emphatic Diane Rehm's program simulates paid programming to reelect President Obama; please bring back the balanced, extended Talk of the Nation. Thank you for voicing my opinion.

[AUDIO CLIP] My name is Carol Santavicca. I'm calling from Sunset Beach and I want to thank you for the daily airing of the Diane Rehm show. Ms. Rehm creates a forum for public discourse like no other. The show is a perfect example of civility in public discourse, which is sorely lacking in our society today. Never take her off. Thank you.

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