Friday Feedback for January 30, 2015

Jan 30, 2015

Cinematique is a joint production of Thalian Hall and WHQR.
Thanks for providing high-quality brain food. - Barbara

Linda wrote:

I want to thank you for making available a great venue like Cinematique to enable the film-lovers in our area to see movies that never make it to the mainstream chain theaters. I can’t help but notice that the Cinematique schedule ends after CitizenFour and am hoping that you will be able to offer other award nominated and critically acclaimed movies such as Whiplash, Still Alice, Two Days One Night, Mr. Turner, Leviathan, and others. Thanks again for all you do to enrich our community.

WHQR's Mary Bradley responded:

We actually only have one film publicly listed after CitizenFour at this point (Big Eyes, Feb 8 – 10). Sometimes we are unable to get commitments for films until a couple weeks before the date. We’re also preparing to re-open the Studio Theatre (with new projection and seating – it’s going to be wonderful), so the schedule is up in the air as we do that. I do have Oscar Shorts, Two Days, One Night  and Whiplash upcoming, but cannot announce the dates yet. The others are on our list of hopefuls, but distributors will not confirm with us yet.

Tim Costello and Kim Nelson wrote:

We love the new format with the all news station including the global perspective with the addition of the BBC. WHQR is our go-to station to keep us informed about current, national and global news.

Virginian Waterman wrote on Monday:

Absolutely fantastic show on [Smooth Landing] tonight. Thanks, George.

Several more listeners have written in to our Classical Music survey, with views on HQR News, Classical HQR and more.
Anonymous wrote:

We both have [been] and will always be a contributing member of WHQR.

Aimee wrote:

[I’m] Not crazy about the new time for Fresh Air; don't like the Great American songbook in the evenings.

As you many know, much of the music on Classical HQR comes from syndication, specifically from Minnesota Public Radio. We asked our survey respondents for their thoughts on locally-hosted versus syndicated.
Anonymous wrote:

My husband and I believe that having a full time local classical music host is a waste of money. We listen for the music, not for the local touch… We love having two stations locally, a real luxury for a community of this size.  We also have Sirius XM in our home and our cars, which provides many listening choices for us.

Virginia wrote:

Live/local seems to preserve the original "local" nature of the station as a personal relationship with the host is developed.

Robert wrote:

I truly like your having local folks host classical. At the same time, the Minnesota crew is excellent. (Used to hear them 10 plus years ago in Michigan …Currently you drop news casts after your a.m. local hosts… I'd prefer you provide the NPR top of hour news cast during afternoon broadcast of [classical music].  If not every hour, how about alternative hours, say every even hour, or every odd hour?”Ty wrote: “I enjoy both… I appreciate your efforts to please all your listeners.  I know this is not an easy task…  I listen to 91.3 HD2. I bought an HD tuner shortly after you put it on the air and have enjoyed it ever since.

Doug wrote:

Syndicated is fine, but you can't beat having local announcers and content.

Barbara wrote:

I've always been a fan of NPR news shows and have taken advantage of their availability in the new format. I also love classical music, but Baroque and earlier eras are not my favorite genres. You've done a great job trying to find balance. I'm sure as the audience grows, the resources to continue improving will grow as well. Thanks for providing high-quality brain food.

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