Friday Feedback for January 29, 2016

Jan 29, 2016

Credit Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Listener Dan wrote:

I’ve been hearing [promotions] for Spike Lee's movie [at Cinematique] all week, and wondering about the pronunciation. It seems like having the accent on "raq" would make more sense. Having the accent on "Chi" makes it sound like Iraq is like Chicago, when I think the point of the film is that the inverse is true - that parts of Chicago have become like Iraq.

I wrote to Dan: As you suggest, it seems that the word (which pre-dates the movie) is most often pronounced shy-RACK, though there are several variants, including SHY-rack. But shy-RACK is what Spike Lee said in an interview on CBS.

Listener Mr. Wolfe wrote:

Firstly, love the station! I just recently started tuning in and I’m really loving the music. I was checking the website in order to stream to my PC when I saw [last week’s] bit about LED[s causing] radio interference, which I had not heard of but being a physics student it peaked my interest. I wanted to weight in a little about it after doing some research…

Firstly, the phenomenon has been reported widely. Governments, particularly Europe have tried to curb the problem but I have seen articles in the news and other legitimate sources. However there seems to be precious little official information on the phenomena. From the articles I read cheap LED bulbs have more tendency to cause this issue but any LED, due to the intrinsic nature of the design can be capable. It’s worth mentioning here that the most common frequency range LED bulbs tend to interfere with is between 30 – 300 MHz, which consumes the entire VHF band. FM radio lies well within that range but also so does broadcast TV, some cordless telephone sets, and even more important systems like NOAA weather radio bands, marine radio and more.

There is also the possibly LED’s can affect even higher frequencies than 300 MHz. That being said, any device that operates on the VHF signal range is subject to interference, not just FM radio and certainly not just this station’s radio frequency. I felt it was important to point this out.


This is 6 o’clock am and the BBC announcer is calling it Sunday. I heard him say it twice instead of Saturday. Thank you.

Listener Sully wrote:

I'm a long time, devoted listener. I was wondering why you play such loud, dynamic and rousing music on weekday evenings...? I realize there are many desires to try to please, but I think i would surely enjoy more relaxed, calming programming after a long work day. I turn HQR on in the evenings, but too often it's just too raucous for that time of day. At least for me anyway. I'm looking to wind down, not up as the evening progresses. Love the station and your efforts overall. Keep up the great work.

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