Friday Feedback for February 3, 2012

Feb 3, 2012

Listener Lynn wrote:

I am a long time supporter and listener of your station, enjoying most your morning news, afternoon news, all things considered segments.  I am independent, politically, leaning towards conservatism...

I find the majority of your programming to be well-balanced, knowing that npr does have a liberal bent, but I’ve never been ‘put-off’ by any programming until Diane Rehm came along. She is SO blatantly biased and one-sided, it’s infuriating. I’d love to see you replace her program with something that would appeal to all of your listeners, not just those on the far-left.

Listener Sophie called about our music selection:

I wanted to put in a comment about Sunday Baroque. You play almost exclusively instrumental music, and it's all very beautiful, but there's such a plethora of vocal music, both choral, operatic and solo repertoires for all sorts of voices. It's really a shame, and it's really limited, and I've started listening to the other classical station, 95.9 more, because to be honest I'm a little tired, even as a classical music fan, of hearing the same Vivaldi and Telemann suites and concertos all over again. So, thanks so much, and hope to hear some more vocal music soon!

Ronald Cohen wrote about a recent Diane Rehm show on the Republican primaries:

While I have no love for this program, a commentator made the point that Mitt Romney has a point in arguing that corporations are "people" while, in fact, they are no such things and have none of the characteristics of people. Once upon a time a corporation was a group of individual pulling together for a common purpose -- almost always the making of a product -- the "service" professionals of law and medicine were debarred from corporate form -- but that is no longer true. A corporation has become a highly predatory institution whose purpose is less "value added" than filling the pockets of senior management. It is the stock-price, not the dividend that counts and "ownership" has become meaningless. A corporation is no more a person than is a bacterium. However, if corporations are "people" according to Citizens United, then the caller's point that their destruction, given the rationale of Citizens United, can be considered a crime and the acts of the corporation can have a criminal dimension that should flow through to senior management. Prison anyone?

Listener John wrote:

You were established to bring in good music. Now all you do is jabber jabber jabber amongst the world's most effete. Thank God we now have another station in Wilmington which actually does that which you were founded to do and which you so pretentiously and consistently fail to do. You will receive not one red cent of my money ever. PS: When you finally do sneak in some music it too often is … screachingly bad baroque string agony (I believe those cats are still alive while their guts are sawed in the name of music). Unfortunately even the new station has a limited repitoire lacking the great music of the genii of the 20th century.

Hal and Marie-Claire wrote to Willard Fields, our new jazz host on Friday and Saturday nights:

We liked the previous jazz show, but yours is even better. Your warm and enthusiastic commentary complements a varied, well-chosen playlist, (except maybe for the organ stuff that slips in once in a while), but you redeem that well with Joe Pass and Mose Allison. We always enjoy hearing Bill Evans, Wycliffe Gordon, Stan Kenton, and The Lincoln Center Orchestra. Thanks for brightening our Friday and Saturday nights...and keep up the good work.

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