Friday Feedback for February 10, 2012

Feb 10, 2012

Listener Paul wrote:

Please move the Diane Rehm show off of WHQR or to a late night time slot. My afternoon commute is ruined now that I have to choose between right-wing propaganda and the left-wing Rehm.

I can’t believe shows such as my beloved Science Friday were removed from your schedule for Rehm’s unabashed liberal dribble and anti-Republican rhetoric. I used to think that NPR was above the Limbaugh-esque style promoted by this terrible program. Please correct this.

And we had a similar comment from Janet McPherson in Whiteville.

Allana Whitney wrote:

Each week I listen to feedback from people complaining about the political slant of the talk shows that WHQR broadcasts, in particular the Diane Rehm show. It seems to me that people need to realize that listening to shows that only profess the same view point they subscribe to will not cause them to learn anything; it will only provide them a warm, fuzzy feeling that their own view is the best view. Perhaps it's best that we all listen to other viewpoints to broaden our minds and understand the wide range of human thought.


My name is Carol Atkinson. This morning on my way to work early, at about 5:30, I was listening to the announcer speak about Cinematique for tonight. Unfortunately, she didn't seem to know how to pronounce the word MELL-an-COLE-ee-a and the name of the movie was called mel-AN-coe-LYE-a about 3 times. You might want to tell her what she's reading. Thank you.

We checked with the film’s distributor and found that they prefer the pronunciation mel-an-coe-LEE-a, not the Anglicized MEL-an-COLE-ee-a. It’s a film by a Danish director with an international cast. However, it’s in English, and Carol’s feedback led us to conclude that for clarity we should use the Anglicized pronunciation. Thanks, Carol.

Here’s another example of how your feedback helps us. Our weekly e-newsletter incorrectly gave a start time of 1 pm for tomorrow’s live Metropolitan Opera broadcast of Wagner’s Gotterdamerung. We had concerned feedback from listeners about that, so here’s a correction. The will start tomorrow at noon, an hour earlier than usual. Fans of This American Life, normally heard at that time, can catch it at its regular rebroadcast time, next Friday at 7 pm.

Finally, from our Feedback Phone, a shout-out to the master of all programming:


Bob Workmon is doing a great job filling in for George Scheibner on Smooth Landing. His selections this week are just outstanding. We just had a great time listening to some of that really unusual and interesting music that he's chosen. George would be proud.

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