Friday Feedback for December 6, 2013

Dec 6, 2013

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It is always great to know that quality radio is being kept alive in the Cape Fear area. -- Steve

Listener Peg wrote to Mary Bradley about this past week's Cinematique film starring Robert Redford:

'All Is Lost' was tremendous! I'm still shaken up by Redford's marvelous acting. Am glad that your blurb tells us that Chandor was the writer-director of Margin Call which was one of the best ... films I can remember seeing. I wish it could be presented here again! GREAT that the [Metropolitan Opera] is returning [this weekend]! Thanks so much for all your efforts!

Listener Daniel Gunn wrote us on Wednesday:

Two hour delay for Duplin county schools today. Driving to school in Duplin county this morning, I spent 30 minutes listening to your broadcast (7:30am-8:00) but didn't get this vital information. Did I just miss it? Do I need to check my hearing?

In response, we do not make a regular practice of announcing school closings and don't have the resources to do so on a daily basis. When we know bad weather is approaching we will temporarily call in extra people to monitor communications. This delay seems to have snuck up on everyone, and we weren't aware of it.

Listener Steve wrote:

Bob and I send our best Thanksgiving wishes to the WHQR branch of our public radio family. We are visiting Oak Island and enjoyed picking up the station on I-40 near Clinton. It is always great to know we are getting close and that quality radio is being kept alive in the Cape Fear area by the station... We look forward to spending the holidays on OKI and listening to you as we come in on the 21st.

Karen Reap of Arlington, VA wrote:

I enjoy NPR in the morning, followed by music with Jemila and others, whenever Charlie and I are here in Carolina Beach.

Teri Ross of Hampstead wrote:

I've always enjoyed the programs, some more than others. Like old friends we lose, the same is with programs that have had to be let go. But as in life we make new friends with the new programming. We don't like everyone we meet, but sometimes when enough time is spent with the person we begin to appreciate that one. Thank you for the tremendous work all of you do. It is sincerely appreciated.

Listeners Jack and Linda recently won some tickets to a big band show at Thalian Hall. They wrote:

Thank you for the free tickets. We attended the 4pm show yesterday and enjoyed it so much! We're now really into the Christmas Spirit, thanks to WHQR!

Thank you to a number of people who contacted us about our WHQR web stream being unavailable. The WHQR streaming link channel for our main 91-3 signal has been experiencing intermittent problems from the "Listen Live" link at the upper left of the site. The all-classical WHQR HD2 link has been working, however. If you have bookmarked either stream in your media player such as iTunes, or marked it as a favorite, you may be able to play it that way. Or you an also find an MP3 button on the right-hand column of our web address that will also work (see graphic above). You might also be able to paste this address in your player manually:

The problem is most likely related to an issue that NPR has had with its streaming servers, which are maintained by a third party. We have been in toch with NPR to get it resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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