Friday Feedback for August 10, 2012

Aug 10, 2012

A number of listeners wrote on our website about the proposed baseball stadium in Wilmington. I won’t go over them here, since the purpose of Friday Feedback is on WHQR’s operation, and not the issues we cover. But a couple of people commented on our reporting.

Steve H. wrote:

WHQR and other media in this region must expose the real costs associated with this debacle. A 'real estate' oriented city council only sees the short-term benefits of this highly speculative venture. What about debt service and other fees the citizens will be on the hook for?  As if the initial costs and rise in property tax is not enough! I love baseball, but do not like it balanced on my back or weighing down the citizens with higher taxes. Please dig a little deeper.

Listener bytheseatoo pointed out that in one of those stories:

[the] Headline says [the referendum] vote will be close but nothing in the story supports that claim.

The writer is correct. An earlier draft of the story had included a statement from Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo saying the vote will be a close one; that was omitted from the final draft of the story that made it on the air. So the headline is a poor match; however, the fact behind the headline is solid. The headline has since been revised.

Susan Hooton wrote about "The Collection," the current art show in our MC Erny Gallery:

these are really beautiful!

Lynn Carlson from Ocean Isle wrote on our website on Tuesday:

I loved Annie [Gray Johnston]'s comments this morning. As a recovering newspaper editor from Brunswick County, I too listen for, and try to document, the words and phrases that are disappearing from the Southern lexicon. Some favorites I remember from my grandparents are "drunk as Cootie Brown" (whoever he/she is), "so bowlegged he couldn't hem a hog in a ditch," and "so crowded there wasn't room to cuss a cat in there." Here's a truly unique, if not really Southern, malapropism: a woman once said to me, "It's going to be a surprise party, so if you run into her, act nonscientious." Huh? Thanks, Annie!

Hi, Michael McKay: with the Olympics results, will you PLEASE announce that it's a spoiler alert or something. I'm so tired of hearing the results before I've seen them. It's very, very annoying. Thanks.

Listener Ellen Hargrave wrote about Tuesday’s Smooth Landing:

Thanks for the selection today. OUR HOUSE is my husband (of 39 years) and my "song"...MILKMAID was very interesting and I will have to google Martha Tilston...HISTORY OF LOVERS was pretty good as well and, of course, the inimitable HALLELUJAH was great…thanks for all you do for "our" radio station.

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback, for your questions and comments, likes and dislikes about any aspect of the station. You can send us feedback by filling out a Comment below, by sending us an email message or by calling our Feedback line: 910-292-WHQR (9477). And thanks for your feedback.