Deadly Storm Surge And Wind Damage Possible In Cape Fear Region, Say Officials

Sep 4, 2019

Hurricane Dorian is taking its time creeping up the southeastern coast.  Forecasters with the National Weather Service say they’re expecting sustained wind speeds along the coast of 65-85 mph when the storm passes the Cape Fear region.  

The major concerns:  wind damage and flooding. 

From the Cape Fear Region to Surf City, National Weather Service Meteorologist Mark Willis says winds could gust up to 100 mph.  Dorian makes its closest pass late Thursday into Friday. But a little wobble to the left or right could change the intensity.

"Regardless, we’re expecting strong winds.  That’s going to lead to some power outages, damage to structures, downed trees.  We’re still expecting surge… there is potential for significant surge.  And regardless we’re going to get a significant amount of rainfall, as well."

Willis says he’s concerned about inundation from both rainfall and storm surge affecting the coast and inland areas.  And all that water can be dangerous.   

"Do not drive through flooded roadways.  That’s where most of the deaths occur from flooding -- is people trying to drive through flooded roadways.  It sounds cliché, but turn around.  Don’t drown."