Council Candidate Niki Cutler Thinks Basic Services in Oak Island Are Lacking

Oct 8, 2019

Niki Cutler is one of six candidates on the ballot for Oak Island Town Council. She’s a musician and piano teacher, and in 2014, established a town service to address the issue of overflowing trash carts. She’s running because she thinks the current council’s priorities are in the wrong place. 

Cutler says the town has neglected to provide basic services to its citizens.

“...the street maintenance and the paving of the roads, this has all been not done in a timely manner. Lawn debris piles up for several months on end... and the focus has been on tourist attractions, which, great as they are, is outside of what government should be doing and competes with private industries.”

She says funding isn’t an issue, and that the town has plenty of money -- they’ve just spent it poorly.

If elected, Cutler’s other main priority would be to focus on the Unified Development Ordinance, so that town growth doesn’t outpace its current infrastructure. She’d also like to see more affordable housing.