Communique: Yale Law Student From Polk County Co-Founded "Asylum Seekers Advocacy Project"

Jan 17, 2017

Elizabeth "Liz" Willis is a law student at Yale University. She was in Wilmington in January in order to meet with a client who sought asylum in the United States. With Liz's help, that asylum seeker has been successful and is settled in North Carolina, right outside of town. Liz is doing this work through a non-profit organization she co-founded called ASAP or Asylum Seekers Advocacy Project. The project is focused on providing pro bono legal council to  mothers and children seeking asylum.

Liz is a North Carolina native from rural Polk county. She studied Political Science and Global Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill before going to Yale for law. She became interested in working with asylum seekers from Mexico, Central, and South America while she was still at UNC. Listen to Liz talk more about ASAP above, plus a Web Extra below with more details about the project. 

Liz graduates from Yale this spring and plans to continue this work as she becomes a barred lawyer.