Communique: Wilmington's Dram Tree Shakespeare Announces Spring Show & Director

Dec 19, 2016

Dram Tree Shakespeare in Wilmington, North Carolina has announced its spring production: The Comedy of Errors. The director hails from Philadelphia: Kathryn MacMillan, or KC. KC was in Wilmington in early December for a launch party and introduction to the Wilmington theatre community. I spoke with KC in Thalian Hall's Stein Theatre during her visit. KC plans to interpret this early Shakespeare comedy of mistaken identity, seduction, and wild mishaps through a vaudevillian lens - by way of commedia dell'arte.


KC wants to do something a little different than commedia with this production of The Comedy of Errors, but in the same spirit. She says the show has a lot of space for play, and this led her to vaudeville. Listen to KC talk about comedy-through commedia and through vaudeville-above.


Dram Tree Shakespeare's production of The Comedy of Errors opens this April in the newly renovated flexible theatre space: Dreams Garage. Auditions will be in late February.