Communique: Public Is Invited To Observe Tatyana Kulida "Painting Paul" At Cameron Art Museum

Jan 19, 2017

Tatyana Kulida is an award-winning realist oil painter. She studied portraiture and figurative art in the classical tradition at the Italian Florence Academy of Art. Tatyana is originally from Crimea, but she now splits her time between New Zealand and Wilmington, North Carolina.  She's in Wilmington this month conducting a class at the Cameron Art Museum (CAM), and she's been commissioned to do a very special project at the CAM while she's here: the Painting Paul Project, an ongoing live portrait demonstration. 

Observe Tatyana painting Paul Phillips. Saturday, January 21: Live Streaming 8:30am-11:30am. Onsite at CAM 10:30am-11:30am. Monday, January 23: Live Streaming 8:30am-Noon (no onsite view). Saturday, January 28: Live Streaming 8:30am-Noon. Onsite at CAM 10:00am-Noon.

Painting Paul livestream can be accessed online or onsite during the times listed above.

Tatyana Kulida, self-portrait
Credit Tatyana Kulida

Paul Phillips has been the security guard at the CAM for the last 15 years and he has a fascinating life history. Paul is being honored this year for his 90th birthday. Donations are being accepted to support this commission.  

Tatyana's oil paintings have a vivid, life-like quality. The figures seem to breathe and pulse. I asked her how she achieves this in her work, what it's like to sit with her for portraiture, and her experience painting Paul Phillips. Listen to our conversation at the top.

Her Gift to the World
Credit Tatyana Kulida

Credit Tatyana Kulida