Communique: Dr. Tom Morris Speaks Practical Philosophy At St. James Parish On Tuesday

Oct 31, 2016

Dr. Tom Morris is a philosopher, an author, and a motivational speaker. His aim through these endeavors is to help people apply philosophy in a practical manner to everyday life. Morris holds a PhD in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Yale University. He's presenting the lecture The Adventures of a Christian Philosopher Loose in the World tomorrow night (Tuesday, 11/1) at St. James Parish on 3rd Street. In addition to being a practical philosopher, Dr. Tom Morris is a Christian philosopher. We talked about the real or perceived conflicts between philosophy, practicality, and religion. Listen above. 

Tom Morris' latest book is The Oasis Within

The Tuesday lecture at St. James is free. A social time runs from 6:30pm-7:00pm; the lecture follows. See a selection of Dr. Morris' books here.