2018 Elections: Marilyn Priddy Says Offshore Drilling Opposition Got Her Into The Brunsco Race

Oct 18, 2018

Marilyn Priddy is hoping to oust long-time Brunswick County Commissioner Marty Cooke – who’s served District 2 since 2008.  Priddy, a Democrat, is running as an unaffiliated candidate because she joined the race in an unconventional way.

It was at a March Brunswick County Commissioners meeting when this retired industrial hygienist and environmental activist waited for the Board to change their stance on offshore drilling and seismic testing.  It would be a big move – considering the shift from support to a neutral position just two months earlier.  But Priddy says her environmental group was confident…

"…because we’d presented resolutions from 15 of the 19 communities in Brunswick County that said this is what the residents want. But instead, even though the chambers were full, the commissioners decided to take the issue off the table… They weren’t listening."

If she could get 3900 signatures, she could get on the ballot.  This political newcomer did, and in the process of listening to residents, she says she is learning about the breadth of poverty in the County and how more reliable public transportation might help.  She also proposes generating new revenue streams through recycled material and pet registrations.