2018 Elections: Bill Flythe, Retired Chemist & Teacher, Seeks Brunswick Board Of Ed Seat

Nov 1, 2018

Bill Flythe is running for Brunswick County’s Board of Education.  The Democratic challenger faces Republican incumbent Charles Miller – who serves as Chief Deputy in the Sheriff’s office.  That’s one of the reasons Flythe says he’s a better option for the School Board. 

He spent two decades as a chemist for private industry – including with Pfizer in Southport.  Over the next 15 years, Bill Flythe taught chemistry, physical science, and physics in Brunswick County Public Schools.  Now, he says, is the time for greater focus on the STEM curriculum – science, technology, engineering, and math – because that’s where the jobs are.

"I know how important education is because I went from the son of sharecropper to a doctor, a Ph.D., in physical organic chemistry a month before my 24th birthday… I am retired now.  I have a background in education as well as industry.  And so I have more flexibility.   In the case of my opponent, he still has a full-time job."

As a teacher, he found holding students accountable with homework and science projects brought their test scores up – not trying to be popular with them or lowering testing standards. And despite recent legislation forgiving school days lost to Hurricane Florence, Flythe says Brunswick County should not forgive more than ten.