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CFR: Big PFAS news, Navassa drama, all things marine life

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The Cape Fear Rundown podcast is written and produced by Camille Mojica.
Camille Mojica
The Cape Fear Rundown podcast is written and produced by Camille Mojica.

This week Cami and Kelly give important PFAS and EPA updates, segment B is hijacked by Ben Schachtman, and otter pups are here!

Show Notes:

Thanks for tuning in this week.

Here are links to this week’s PFAS breaking news (that made national news) coverage by WHQR reporters:

Alexandria’s reporting on Navassa turned heads in other newsrooms in Wilmington. Here’s a link to all of it. And we, as the WHQR newsroom, wish her all the best at her new position in Charlotte with Axios.

Otter fact file: Checking on otter pups

The check-in process with the otter pups is extremely meticulous. Otters recognize sounds and if they hear unfamiliar sounds near their pups, they can become distressed. The otter care team at Fort Fisher aquarium must assemble beforehand and wait for an opportune moment when both otter parents leave the den. Then they must quickly and silently attend to the pups, checking their weight, temperature, and overall development. Typical checkups last less than 5 minutes.

CFCC sets sail:

Companies like Duke Energy and Fugro have recently become more invested in finding renewable energy sources. With wind farming becoming more popular, these companies must hire surveying teams to make sure the ocean floor is stable enough to support offshore wind farms. CFCC marine tech students are learning the equipment and process these companies use in the industry.

If you want to learn more about the otter pups, here’s a link to Megan’s web piece.

This week’s music:
Poppin’ Wheelies by Brian Wiztig
Lime by Koï
Tango by Lemonboi
Ms. Ho by Onra

Thank you to our guests Kelly Kenoyer, Ben Schachtman, Alexandria Sands, and Megan McDeavitt for being on this week’s episode.

Camille hails from Long Island, NY and graduated from Boston University with a BS in Journalism and double minors in Classical Civilizations and Philosophy. Her story focus revolves her deep care for children, young adults and mental health. You can reach her at cmojica@whqr.org.