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Pence Rally In Leland: "We can't support everybody anymore"

Angel & Robert at the Pence rally in Leland

WHQR’s Gina Gambony visited the rally for Vice-Presidential Candidate Mike Pence in Leland yesterday. There she met two people selling Trump-Pence schwag. Robert and Angel were selling Trump T-shirts, hats, and buttons at the entryway of the Mike Pence rally Wednesday in Leland.  Angel's only been with the Trump campaign for about a month and a half, and she's mainly focused on the merchandise. Listen above.

Angel with the merchandise

ANGEL: Our USA racing hats are the best buying right now although they're the most expensive hat we have. People like the fact that they're made in the USA so. Which ones are those? These are these 2, the ones with the stars, red, white, and blue.

Robert, on the other hand, has been involved with the Trump campaign since New Year's Day this year. He's met Newt Gingrinch and Mitt Romney and he hopes to meet Trump. I asked him what kind of changes he hoped to see in the country if the Trump /Pence ticket takes the White House.

ROBERT: Employment. We can't support everybody anymore. We just can't do it. You have to work for a living. I was brought up that way in a Christian home.  We've outsourced jobs and we have an influx of people coming into this country. I agree with what the Germans said when they took in the Syrians and other people. They said learn German, get a job, or leave. I don't think Trump would say that, but the Germans said that. Everybody had to come into this country from Ellis Island years and years ago. You had to be tested physically for any disease, get your shots, get your papers. It's just become too liberal.