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CoastLine: Gender Differences in Speech - Perception or Power Dynamic?

gender power dynamics
by @GDJ / openclipart.org

When you hear a person speak, you make instant judgments about them — including whether they're credible, annoying, smart, or flighty. But do you understand the basis of those instant judgments? And it is worth questioning them? We explore the intersection of power, language, and gender dynamics on this edition of CoastLine - originally broadcast in 2016.

Language is widely considered to be as much a function of gender as any other gender expression – whether clothing, gender-normative interests such as interior decorating, or personality traits.  But is language so different between the sexes? 

At the time of our interview, Caroline Myrick was teaching courses in English linguistics, sociology, and women & gender studies at North Carolina State University.  She also worked for the Language & Life Project and Linguistics Lab and was a member of the Language Diversity Ambassadors.