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Friday Feedback for July 14, 2017

Mr. Callison launched off on the usual sanitized brainwashed blather. - CoastLine listener

Listener Jeff wrote this week about several things: “Sorry to hear of your retirement. WHQR listeners will miss you (in a good way).” I imagine that by now some listeners may be saying “How can we miss you if you won’t go away?” Never fear, campers: next Friday will be my last day in the office. I hope to hear from you by then. Jeff went on to add; "1) I think WHQR should emphasize sustainer memberships (monthly donations by credit card) during all fundraising drives. All major NPR [member stations] have started emphasizing this approach, as it presumably smooths out their cash inflow and makes it more predictable. Since so many people come to Wilmington and stay, particularly people who are used to subscribing to a local NPR station elsewhere, it would make sense for WHQR to make donating easy for them.

2) I love the stealth drive. 3) Prairie Home Companion with Chris Thile is a show with far better musicianship than the show with Garrison Keillor. The radio skits are still funny, as well. . . I listen by streaming WUNC.
4) Consider cutting down on the number of rebroadcast shows. . . and bring in new shows. . .. 5) I still have trouble receiving WHQR 91.3 on my Sony Walkman: lots of interference from some evangelical Christian station (although my desktop radio is fine).

For Jeff: the hot summer days do often have funny temperature inversions that can lead to interference. But if you still have an actual Walkman, you might consider selling it for big bucks to a collector and buying a whole new system. Jeff continues:

6) Thanks for all you have done for WHQR. It has some of the best local programming (Coastline, Communique, GenX coverage) that I have ever heard.

A listener this week took issue with some comments about the Civil War I had made as a guest on this Wednesday’s CoastLine. To wit:

Mr. Callison launched off on the usual sanitized brainwashed blather that is handed down in the halls of academia.

Thanks for writing; I may put this on a T-shirt also. I’m getting quite a collection.

Here are some more comments that we’ve heard from people making pledges during our Summer Stealth Drive. Sharon wrote:

Just moved to Wilmington and are so pleased to have a great public radio station! Great programming that keeps us up to speed with what's happening in Wilmington.

Brenda from Supply wrote:

Moving from 90.3 WKNS listening area and enjoy familiar WHQR programming!

Lorraine Perry of Wilmington wrote:

We have been members since its inception!

Kevin wrote:

We have just moved here from Northern Virginia and are pleased that there is a robust NPR presence in Wilmington.

George wrote:

What ever happened to Clark Howard? Does he still have a radio talk show…?

George, I’m afraid I don’t know. If he had a radio show, I don’t believe it’s ever been on public radio.

Ann wrote:

[Classical HQR] enriches my daily experience and provides a gentle backdrop from morning to evening. Thank you for such lovely listening!

David wrote:

always give $75 but had to settle for $60 because of your format.

I imagine there will be lots of other comments, both pro and con, in the next couple of weeks. I’ll look forward to reading them. Thank you for the comments, and for your support of our Summer Stealth Drive. We hope to have a successful campaign, reaching its goal of $75,000 before next Wednesday. You can help by making your pledge at whqr.org. And thanks.

We'd love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can send an email message to feedback@whqr.org, or you can leave a call at 910-292-9477. And thanks for your Feedback.

UPDATE JULY 14, 2017: Near the end or after this week's CoastLine program about the Confederacy aired, several comments concerning Cleve's participation in  came in, either to coastline@whqr.org, or to feedback@whqr.org. Since it is not our practice to continue CoastLine discussions on Feedback, these comments have been added to CoastLine's wrap-up.