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Friday Feedback for November 11, 2016


Listener Bill wrote: "Where is "Prairie Home Companion?!? PLEASE tell me there is technical problems and not a decision to drop it from your schedule. I've heard nothing about it being dropped, and as a long-time supporter I would be very unhappy about that decision. Please explain." And listener John wrote an actual and graceful-worded snail-mail letter along the same lines. I wrote to them that:

1) Creator Garrison Keillor is no longer in the show. It seemed to us that the very nature of the show was built around his personality, and without him it can't be the same show.
2) The producers said there would only be 13 original shows this year instead of the 40+ we were getting in Garrison’s day.
3) Prairie Home was already an expensive show for us on a per-hour basis, but in the last few years has been losing its power as a fundraiser.
4) Still, the producers were going to charge 90% of what we had been paying during the last Garrison years -- which was a lot for a 2-hour show.
5) Replacing an hour of the new Prairie Home with The Thistle and Shamrock let us bring back a program that many listeners had missed. That and the new Across the Blue Ridge are both well-produced, music-driven shows that we hope find an audience.

We announced our new schedule in late June, but it’s understandable that listeners may have missed the news. Dropping a program is always a tough call. Thank you for your feedback.

Listener Debra wrote:

I love the Opera! I was so happy with the program that Pat Marriott developed for the Opera's "off season," The Human Voice. I have enjoyed listening to it every Saturday, since the Sat. afternoon broadcast, Live from the Metropolitan Opera, took their break. The only thing I don't like about listening to the Met Opera on Saturdays, is that after the last act, it's over (till next week!) I have always wished, that when the Opera ends on Sat., before All Things Considered starts, why WHQR didn't fill that time with a short program like The Human Voice. Something for [you] to ponder. Thank you for your attention to my thoughts. Love both stations & listen, (back & forth,) ALL day long.

Listener Annie Gray Johnston’s commentary this week, which made fun of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, drew some comments. Here’s a sample:

So disappointed in Annie Gray today. 1. Bill is not running. 2. A strong, qualified woman’s ambition should not be portrayed as a character flaw. 3. No furniture was stolen and her powerful work as First Lady was far more impactful than as a simple First Homemaker. I love Annie Gray, but this time she fell flat. I would prefer to remain anonymous since I truly adore Annie Gray otherwise. Thank you WHQR!

Let me put it this way, as I did to this listener: I think of Annie Gray as an equal-opportunity offender. Thanks for writing.

Paula Recko and Paul Overman wrote:

While returning from Wake Forest Wednesday evening, George Scheibner played ”What a Difference a Day Makes” during Standard Time.My husband and I don’t know if this was intentional, but it sure put a grin on our faces. Thanks, George, thanks, WHQR!

I wrote to them that their names sounded like a duo. Paula replied:

If you remember Paul & Paula you date yourself. Forty years ago, we received the album for a wedding gift.


We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can send an email message to feedback-at-whqr-dot-org, or you can leave a call at 910-292-9477. And as always, thanks for your Feedback.