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Friday Feedback for March 11, 2016

When I'm in the area, WHQR is the first station I dial in. -- Preston

First off…today is commentator Nan Graham’s birthday!

We will be fundraising next week in our Partnership Challenge, so there won’t be an official Friday Feedback. I expect some listeners will wonder what we mean by saying “92 is the new 96.” We now have two different signal for Classical HQR, 92.7 and 96.7. And we’d like your input. More on that in a moment. But first, the story of a pledge made good -- 22 years later.

Listener Preston was a graduate student at UNCW in the mid 1990's and listened to WHQR for daily news, music and weekend talk shows. In 1994, he enthusiastically pledged to support the station. However, he never made good on that promise and always wanted to do so. Last week he finally did, stating:

…though I haven't lived in the area since, I've always been bothered by making a promise that I didn't keep. I am sorry for the delayed payment and hope you continued excellence in broadcasting for the region. I am a contributor to my local station and recognize that listener support is very important. When I'm in the area, WHQR is the first station I dial in. I am glad to know the station has expanded its offerings, while maintaining a wonderful showcase of classical music.

Listener Anonymous has written before. He writes:

Every Monday to Friday from 8:10 PM to Midnight and Sunday 9 PM to Midnight we are subjected to a total of TWENTY THREE HOURS of 'JAZZ' ('STANDARD TIME' IS JAZZ)! [Comment: actually, we know that]. PLEASE have mercy and either dedicate a day to jazz so people like myself can just turn our radio off and play our own music or abate that strident rubbish! Your own 'Smooth Landings', 'Magnolia Fatback Folk Hour', and 'Soup To Nuts' are absolutely wonderful and I would cheerfully listen to them in the three hour Jazz slots yet they get short changed at only one hour. Why do you have 'The Splendid Table' twice in one day seven hours apart? and why even bother with 'Travel With Rick Steves' twice in one weekend? His program format is to out do his poor guests… Coastline is exceptional and a prize winning program!

Listener John wrote:

This is one of those very small, but annoying, things that eventually, like a pebble in your shoe, gets to the point you can’t ignore it any more. For quite a while – years, in fact – I’ve noticed that when web addresses are read out on the air, the name of that pesky but essential separator character is often stated incorrectly. For instance, while pitching some good cause during the mid-day interview show, or when announcing sponsors’ web URLs, I’ll typically hear something like this: “Bizname-dot-com, backslash, WHQR.” Or, almost as bad, “forward-slash.” First: “backslash” is just flat-out wrong. Period. Always and everywhere. A backslash (\) will show up in Microsoft’s syntax for a file path in DOS or Windows. But never, ever, in a web URL. And “forward-slash,” while not as wrong, is still unnecessary. Inelegant. Clunky and redundant. Does not fall trippingly off the tongue. Can we please have an immediate ban on all back- and forward-slashes, and just say “slash”? … So save some syllables! Just think of the seconds of air time that could go to better use!

Thanks to John’s message, we have re-evaluated our practice. We agree that “forward-slash” is unnecessary and will change our errant ways.

And now for the 92.7 and 96.7. If you’d like to assist us by doing a listening test for the two Classical HQR signals, we would appreciate your help. Discover more at whqr.org.

We'd love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can send an email message to feedback@whqr.org, or you can leave a call at 910-292-9477. And thanks for your Feedback.